How can a Non-Technical Entrepreneur Build a Tech Startup?

How can a Non-Technical Entrepreneur Build a Tech Startup?

Software-driven billion-dollar companies have been around for a while and when we thought about who their founders might be we think of tech gurus that definitely hold Computer Science from an Ivy League college.But this is not an absolute rule, there are people who have broken the cliche and became proud owners of a successful software company. But even if you are a non-technical person but have a great idea you can still build a successful tech startup.

Here are a few points on how you can do it:

Validate the problem before diving into implementation

“Fortune magazine has reported that about 42% of startups fail from building products or services with no market needs.

Therefore, it is not the technology itself that is more important but the problem you will solve with it. Even if you work with machine learning, blockchain, or artificial intelligence, don’t depend on the tools by thinking that they solve the problem. The tools are there only just to help you accomplish the solution, but they are not the force that drives that solution

If you are not sure, first try using the first concierge services. This service is to allow you to perform something that you can iterate later manually. For example, if you wanted to build a social media application- you can go with the Facebook because its the best example to start with. You can create a group on Facebook and target people you want to get involved with to find out their feedback.

This will led you the path to find the understanding about the problem, whether the problem exits & whether the folks need the solution of that particular problem. Understanding about the problems will led you more scope to find the solution and there should be an understanding about the cost of extra software defects fixation.

A study says, fixing cost of a software become 6 times higher in its implementation phase than the fixation costs in its designing phase. So, if you are a Non-Technical founder you must have the acknowledgement of the software issue in its early stage I.e, designing, because later on it will be like a hard nut to crack or if you will be able then it will cost you a high amount.

A Trustworthy CTO is majorly you need:

A trustworthy Chief Technical Officer is no less than a good to a non-technical founder’s business. Your CTO will look over the technical part of your business and that will be a guidance to the whole process. A CTO put technical insights to your business process that is majorly a root part the person who is launching a tech startup without having a technical background. Hiring a techie as your CTO of the business led you the technical path and possesses a strong acumen for business. So, hire an insight-technical CTO and let your business the power of technical buzz while being a non-technical founder.

Technical roadmap

The technical roadmap must align with your business strategy. You also need good resources that can help you with your tech startup Don’t approach anyone randomly for technical solutions or application development consultations. Because you may have a business directory, but you may not fully understand how it should be implemented technically. So when you approach people randomly; this will take your money and work on many different assumptions without actually prioritizing what’s important for your business.

Avoid artificial harmony

Talk to technical people on multiple levels to challenge your ideas. Otherwise, you may have a viable product and business strategy but fail to understand that any particular parts you want to build, a way too complicated, and may cost you a lot of money. Usually, software consultants agree with whatever you say because you’re paying them; therefore, you need a person who can argue with your idea so that you can find the weak areas in your project.

Learn from the failures of other startups and businesses

Many entrepreneurs emphasize how they underestimate what they can learn from looking at other failures. This is the cheapest way to avoid mistakes, as it is essential to focus on failure stories and success stories. This is because it allows us to learn what we should avoid and increases your chance of success in the future. There are also online platforms such as that share global business failures for entrepreneurs working on their ideas or anyone interested in having business.

Build a reliable network through tech startup programs

You don’t want to underestimate the kind of support that you can get from an entrepreneurial ecosystem. However hard you may try, you cannot be good at everything. Therefore, you need to understand many business aspects, such as accounting, law, technology, and any other subject matter expertise. However, you must be aware that the ecosystem won’t solve your problem or help you start your business. It is more about building a reliable network that can help you when you are stuck.

Similarly, there are also accelerator programs that would take your idea to partner with corporates for pilot projects. This is important because even if you don’t get any capital or financial help from the program, you can still risk future investors.

It is helpful when future investors find that you have been successful with an incubator or accelerator program. It shows that you have gone through a validation process with your business idea.

Find your place in the business

If you are a non-technical person when you are creating a tech startup; it is essential to find your company’s place. Find out what you are good at and make your position very plain and clear, and never let the team forget that you are the heart and soul of this tech startup. Make sure that you lead your technical team even though you are not a technical person. To do so, you have to speak the language, which again brings us to under the situation, learn the basics of the work. This way you will achieve smooth communication and your job as a leader will be much easier.

When you are working on a business, you are growing. It is very sensual to search for the right app development partners to work with; stand strong on the ground and don’t lose your passion, and you are more likely to succeed even if you lack technical skills.

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