How CADD Helps In Small Molecule Drug Discovery?

How CADD Helps In Small Molecule Drug Discovery?

Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) has become a tremendous platform for drug discovery  services. It accelerates preclinical ndevelopment solutions and aids in medicinal chemistry research to a great extent. Along with early preclinical research, CADD also has its application in hit identification and selection, hit-to-lead optimization and so on.

CADD is Developing And So Drug Discovery is Accelerating

There has been exponential development in technology and breakthroughs in CADD during recent years. More and more drug discovery CROs are relying on enhancing their computer aided drug designing capabilities to discover more compounds efficiently. 

According to a reputed study it has been claimed more than 30% of the total budget and time invested in developing a new drug can be saved through smart use of CADD platforms. Whether it is preclinical studies or medicinal chemistry research, every aspect of drug development is getting wings due to CADD capabilities.

At the speed CADD tools are developing and getting accommodated by the drug discovery laboratories, it will play an even bigger role in novel drug discovery in upcoming years. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing has further empowered CROs to gain more accuracy in their drug designing endeavours at a lower cost.

Benefits of CADD Model Over Traditional Approach

Let us mention some of the significant advantages of the CADD approach over traditional methods of drug discovery.

       Capable to aid structure-based drug design (SBDD) and optimization swiftly

       Enables CROs for dynamic and quantitative analysis of interactions of 3D small molecule structures with their corresponding biological targets

       Makes hit-to-lead optimization and scaffold hopping more precise

       Much accurate and faster than time-consuming synthetic chemistry research and biological studies of small molecules

       Fewer molecules needed to be synthesised and tested in the preclinical development of a new drug

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