How are co-living spaces becoming demand dynamics in India?

How are co-living spaces becoming demand dynamics in India?

Getting into co-living spaces is becoming a new rental concept where you can find fully- furnished spaces offered to groups of people who want to cohabit together, without having any usual restrictions seen in many traditional paying guest type accommodations.  Tikaana provides co-living spaces in KPHB Colony, Hyderabad for women to share, explore and experience their lives together. It also provides shared living space in gowlidoddi, coliving spaces in kukatpally and co-living apartments in Hyderabad. The co-living spaces for women give a great opportunity to their residents to mingle and interact, it also give privacy at numerous levels. 


The co-living spaces in Hyderabad are becoming a demand from girl students and young working professionals whose preferences differ in many ways from those of previous generations. These co-living apartments in Hyderabad provided by Tikaana are fully managed spaces like service apartments but with many extras thrown in. the women can prefer for private or shared bedrooms and these are also common areas for dining, interaction, and relaxation. 


The women or girls who want to invest in co-living or shared living accommodations are young as well as working or studying, who have a little time free time. In this generation, they don’t prefer to pay for those spaces that they hardly inhabit. But still, they want all the facilities without any worrying about maintenance and higher costs.  


From this co-living concept, the tenants along with the owners get benefitted by converting a normal apartment into a co-living space like spaces having considerable demand. The co-living spaces in Madhapur provided by Tikaana provide the opportunity to earn a steady rental income.  


While designing co-living spaces in Hyderabad, we keep in mind the following factors:

Hectic schedules of women.

Modern demands of the current customers.

The provision for additional facilities like entertainment, safety, and security, laundry and repairs and maintenance, without spending too much money.

Other than Hyderabad, cities like Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, were the first cities to witness the emergence of co-living rental housing. Now, it is also taking root in smaller cities like Lucknow and Jaipur and other cities with a large girl student and workforce populations.

Complementary to the traditional rental facilities like paying guest or outright rental, co-living spaces in Hyderabad call for higher investment as per the setup costs, regular maintenance and servicing. So, it is not suited for the property owner as well as tenants. It is not that much easy to get the required permissions from a particular place to set up a co-living facility. The major target for co-living spaces is students and working professionals but the demand for such common living spaces in Hyderabad is by no means restricted to these types of tenants.    

Benefits of co-living spaces

Easy availability for girls and women.

No need to pay high rent for the co-living apartment

Great opportunity to band together to share, explore and experience.

A higher quality life without having any stress of everyday home maintenance issue.  


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