House of the exquisite Tandori Items

House of the exquisite Tandori Items

The relishing aroma, the smoky atmosphere surrounding one ofrnthe finest Indian Tandoori Restaurant West Draytonthe Zayani notrnonly entices people nearby but all around the globe. Located just within a milerndown the Sipson Road, Zayani offers exquisite vegetarian and non-vegetarianrntandoori items. Coated and left for a minimum of four hours in the marinade forrnmarination, the meat and the paneer pieces get enriched with the flavor.

These pieces after getting baked in the traditional clay ovenrnlift the flavor profile of the dish and the charred edges adding to the texturernthough crispness will make you salivate just by getting a glimpse of it. Thernsucculent and juicy pieces of meat and paneer just vanish into your palate asrnsoon as they go into your mouth.

The range of tandoori items includes tikkas, shasliks, mixedrngrill, and tandoori. If you are unable to select one or are food lovers likernus, you can simply opt for the tandoori platter. Served with mint sauce,rnfreshly prepared salad, and a smile, these tandoori items are the jewels of thernbest Indian Tandoori RestaurantrnWest Drayton.  

Those who like beer, wines, champagnes, sparkling or softrndrinks along with the tandoori items also feel rejoiced here, as Zayani alsornserves the best bottle beers and other drinks. So you can happily chug yourrnbeer devouring your favorite chicken tandoori leg. Apart from that, you canrnalso relish popular Indian snacks served in the restaurant.

We at Zayani make sure that “serving food that doesn’t harmrnyour health” is our topmost priority. Hence we always use fresh meat andrnveggies along with freshly prepared ingredients. Even if you spice tolerant, orrncan’t tolerate highly spicy curries you can always ask the staff to tone itrndown a bit for yourself.

Zayani offers exquisite Indian dishes along with Hot Madrasrndishes, kormas, Vindaloo (Highly spicy curry of potatoes and meat) and Dhansakrn(curry of diced meat, and yellow split lentils with Indian Masala) and Patiahrndishes too. The restaurant also serves some drool-worthy garlic specialties forrnthose who are extremely fond of garlic. People who love mushrooms will alsornfind this place quite interesting as Zayani serves some amazing mushroomrndishes. Apart from these items, many popular appetizers and delicacies arernwaiting for you in the restaurant. As the delicacies are freshly prepared,rnZayani has become the most popular spot amongst vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

The ambiance, hospitality, and service alongrnwith the quality of food served to make this place food heaven for people andrnmade it immensely popular making it the most popular Indianrnrestaurant West Drayton strivingrnin delivering you the most memorable dining experience.

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