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Get Online Support to Customize MS Outlook Print Styles


Except email communication MS Outlook also includes other exciting features for example task manager, note taking and others. MS Outlook has launched some features to manage and customize print styles. There are six print styles with different styles and the page setup dialogue will help users in mentioning the format of calendars. Users has to follow the below mentioned steps and if some issues arise the hotmail sign in number is available for support.


1.      First of all Go to the Print Menu

2.      Now click on the “Calendar”, it will be listed in the bottom navigation bar. After that open the calendar you want to print

3.      In this step, you have to choose a Print Style from the setting box from the Print menu

4.      Open the Page Setup dialogue box which will be listed under Print Options. Now check the Define Style configuration.

5.      Now you have to customize in the print style box, then after click Edit button to open the page setup dialogue for your desired calendar

6.      Now you will see the current print style name under Style Name Field

7.      Now configure additional print settings with Format, Header/Footer tabs and Paper tab if you needed

8.      Please select a custom font by clicking the Font. You can find this options on the Format tab of the page setup dialogue box

9.      Now customize the layout of your particular style.

10.  Check Notes Area boxes if you want to include an area for notes

11.  Select Only Print Workdays  if you wish to print only workdays

12.  You can hide details of your private appointments with an option which you will find here if you wish to do.


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