Holy Abodes Of North India

Holy Abodes Of North India

The people of India are true to their beliefs and religion, be it any corner of the country. We heavily depend on the values that have been taught and reminded at every point of life. But just like any other feature of India, religion is also diverse and varied which brings us some amazing religious sites to visit regardless of culture, religion and caste.

North India is a galore of such places, from temples to pilgrim estates, the abundance has left us astounded and with an excitement to explore all such places. Read along to know about some very popular and unique holy places that you must visit on a North India tour.

Akshardham Temple, New Delhi

The Swami Narayan Akshardham temple is the second of its kind; the first Akshardham temple is located in Gujarat. Akshardham temple is a cultural and religious complex with a massive golden idol of Swaminarayan established in the main shrine with testaments around the hall.The campus is engraved with various Hindu mythical stories and intricate detailing. It’s far from ordinary temples of India, with a vibrant cultural exhibition, underground boat ride show, and a huge silver screen that displays a documentary of the Neelkanth and the journey of beliefs

ISKON Temple, Vrindavan

If you’re visiting north India, I must suggest you visit the ISKON or the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple at least once.The electric aura of this temple is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized. Hundreds of people, priests and singers perform a never-ending chant worshipping the Krishna. Surprisingly, there is a high ratio of foreigners who have turned into pilgrims to explore the culture of this amazing place. The vibe of this temple is extremely cheerful and has induced
many to adapt the sage lifestyle.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

One of the holiest place in India, Harmandir Sahib temple is located in Amritsar. Millions of people, of every religion and nationality come to visit this wonderful gilded temple which is a significant pilgrim site for Sikhism.The temple initially was not built with any gold on it, but people from across the globe donated so much gold that the structure was coated with gold and now it is almost completely gilded.

Jwala Ji or Jwala Devi temple, Himachal Pradesh 

This unique temple is located on the lower hills of the Himalayas and has a typical temple structure, which is believed to be ancient. The surprising fact about this temple is that the pit inside the temples is always on fire! Not kidding, the eternal flames have been burning for several centuries and the source of these endlessly burning flames has still not been discovered. It is one of the holiest places for Hindu pilgrims and the locals of Himachal.  

Amarnath Temple, Jammu & Kashmir 

Located at an altitude of 3,888 meters, Amarnath Temple trek is one of the most famous amongst the Hindu pilgrims. Considered as one of the holiest shrines in India, Amarnath cave is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Inside the cave, the holy Shivalinga is formed by the freezing drops of water forming a stalagmite that replicates a Shivaling. Even if you’re not a religious person, places and temples like these are definitely worth a visit for their uniqueness, strange beliefs and splendid stories behind their establishment and a trip to North India is incomplete without a temple tour.

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