Heartburn and Respiratory Discomfort

Heartburn and Respiratory Discomfort

Heartburn is a pain where the person that is suffering from feels a burning sensation and sometimes pain behind the sternum or the breastbone. This burning radiates to a different section in different cases but in most cases, it starts at the upper part of the abdomen and then goes up towards the neck and back. The interesting case here is, despite the name, this condition has nothing to do with the heart. Though a few heart issues do show similar symptoms as heartburn, is independent of those as it concerns with acid indigestion rather than something to do with the condition of the heart.

Cause of Heartburn

The cause of heartburn is reflux of acids into the food pipe in the opposite direction which should have had been prohibited by different valves present in the system. These valves or more precisely sphincters do the job of preventing the food from returning back in the same route and keeps the movement unidirectional. But when due to a different reason, the sphincters do fail to function properly, the foods mixed with acid may return back upwards does cause the heartburn.

What Happens when you suffer from Heartburn

The general symptoms that appear in this condition are mild discomfort and burning sensation. This may vary according to depending upon the severity of the condition. In some other cases, the person may feel nauseated and the burning or the pain could elevate if he bends down or sleeps on his back. This acid reflux nausea creates even a greater discomfort and if it is happening frequently, then the person should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

The heartburn may also irritate different another system such as respiratory system. That is why acid reflux cough isn’t also uncommon in the people who are suffering from heartburn. Along with nausea and cough, dysphagia is also a common symptom of heartburn where the person has difficulty in swallowing. These symptoms generally appear after the concerned person eats and it may reach greater intensity upon bending down or laying on his back.

There are over the counter medicine which you may take if heartburn is not frequent. In some cases, it has been seen that adopting a GERD friendly diet such as the found in RefluxMD could benefit the person along with medication. But if it goes into the condition where heartburn is occurring very frequently and the symptoms also getting more and more severe, then one must go to a doctor and have a checkup.

Factors of Acid Reflux

This acid reflux is caused by primarily three factors due to which, the acids bypasses the sphincter and returns back to the opposite direction.

1.    After eating a heavy meal. In this case, more acids are poured into the system in order to accelerate the digestion and hence, the greater chance of acid reflux.

2.    Bending down.

3.   Laying on his back.

It has also been seen that this discomfort is more felt at night rather than daytime. Though one must also note that, the intensity of burning sensation or the pain doesn’t denote the level of damage to the system.

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