HCG, Weight Loss and Benefits

HCG, Weight Loss and Benefits

What is HCG?

The human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that occurs naturally in a woman’s placenta during pregnancy. This is the hormone that is caught in pregnancy tests. It is also released by females who are not pregnant and males in small quantities. The hormone is used to lose weight.

HCG Diet

The original HCG diet required HCG injections and a 500 calorie diet. The diet dates back to the 1950s when Dr. A Simeons discovered that when HCG was injected into boys with low levels of the male hormone testosterone, they lost body fat. He discovered that HCG, in low levels can breakdown fat and prevent muscle loss. It suppressed appetite and positively managed to decrease the energy levels. The HCG diet involves eating foods without fat and starch.  Meals would include lean meat – 2 servings in a day, vegetables – 2 servings in a day, 2 fruits in a day and 2 breadsticks. The individual would also need HCG injections for a minimum of 21 days.

The diet is divided into three phases – loading, weight loss and maintenance.

o   Loading: The patient starts taking HCG and eats a lot of high-calorie and high-fat foods for two days.

o   Weight loss: This phase continues for three to six weeks, where the patient continues to take HCG and eats only 500 calories in a day.

o   Maintenance: In this phase, the patient stops taking HCG and gradually increases food intake. Sugar and starch are prohibited for three weeks.

Tips for HCG diet

·         Take multivitamins as well as a supplementary supplement while on the diet. If the body has everything it needs to work correctly it can burn fat faster.

·         Drink water and tea to hydrate your body well. A dehydrated body will be stressed and go into shutdown to survive.

·         Exercise daily. Light exercise like walking or yoga is good when dieting.

HCG Weight Loss Cream are used to stimulate the effects of hormonal HCG. They can be self-administered by placing the drops under the tongue. This is not taken directly and swallowed as stomach acids may stop it from functioning.

Benefits of HCG

HCG has always been a supplement for health. It also has a few benefits for people who consume it.

1)      Losing weight: HCG injections can aid in weight loss and you will be able to see the changes within a few days. There are also additional benefits such as lower cholesterol and proper weight distribution.

2)      Improvement while working out: Having a lighter body will make you last longer at the gym. It also limits the loss of muscle mass because of the low-calorie diet.

3)      Easy to take: HCG can not only be taken through injections but have been made into liquid drops, creams and pellets.

Where Can I Get HCG Drops?

HCG liquid drops are available on e-commerce sites, high-end department stores and certain registered pharmacies. Do buy this from sellers in the USA to get the highest quality.

Trimcontour offers HCG Drops for Weight Loss to deal with the excess weight. The Trimcontour drops are easy to use and will help you in maintaining a healthy weight. It is absolutely painless and affordable. They do not have any side effects and can be easily absorbed by keeping the drops under your tongue.

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