Havana to Varadero – A must to visit place!

Havana to Varadero – A must to visit place!

Havana is culturally rich and has a very tight grasp on culture and tradition whereas Varadero is a place which beautifully balances old traditions and new modern advancements.

Varadero is situated 134 km away from Havana via the direction of Blanca road. Depending on the mode of transport and pit stops one might take somewhere between 1 hour to 3 hours to transfer from Havana to Varadero. There are various routes available to reach Varadero, One can opt for any route i.e. through Matanza city or the Calixto Garcia Bridge.

Habana Airport Transfers

Transfers from Havana to Varadero can be arranged in classic American cars from 40’s and 50’s or in the classic Cabriolet Convertible by Habana tours. They arrange for personalized experience of Havana to Varadero Transfers for their customers. Experienced Cuban drivers and around a network of 300 cars they have it all planned out.

Cuban Drivers-With cars comes the drivers!!!

Having a local Cuban driver along with you is an added advantage. During the transfer from Havana to Varadero, having a driver along means like having a guide with you. Not only they chauffer you around the city they also enlighten you with history and traditional aspect of the city. They let you in on the secrets of the place that you are visiting and what happened there in the history (if any remarkable event).

These drivers are jovial, know the city inside out, are resourceful, conversational, and insightful. They are all personally selected on the basis of their skills and knowledge. Habana Transfers have been plying on the roads of Havana for more than ten years and thus have experience as well as an idea about everything that goes around.

Havana to Varadero Transfer

One can opt to directly head to Varadero from Jose Marti Habana International Airport while some might take a stop for a day or two in the city first and then transfer to Varadero. The scenic route from Havana to Varadero is mesmerizing and an experience worth sharing.

The architectural landscape is beautiful and woos your heart. The long sandy beaches with white sand and crystal clear water makes you want to stay there and never come back. It is a feeling of a paradise when you are on one the Varadero Beaches.

The sand sparkles under the light of the sun and cool breeze of the night makes this experience completely worth it. Transfer from Havana to Varadero puts your mind at ease and lets your mind and body relax completely.

Varadero Beaches is so enthralling that all you want to do is just laze around on the beach overlooking the ever so refreshing bay or a river with a Cuban cigar (if you smoke) in one hand a local Cuban Drink on the other.

Nothing is better than a vacation along the coastline with your loved ones or alone - whatever you prefer.

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