Google Search Console Vs Bing Webmaster Tools - Which Is Better

Google Search Console Vs Bing Webmaster Tools - Which Is Better

What is Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing is a famous webs search engine that is originated by Microsoft, it can provide many services such as web videos, map search products, and images, but, it is developed by the use of ASP.NET. Bing webmaster tool is functional to improve the website SEO. Some features of Bing webmaster tools are given below:

  • With the help of Bing, you can change your background images at a daily basis, as we know that images are very important and centre of the attraction; therefore, nchanging images can leave a good impression.
  • It can create the homepage for HTML5, making eventual videos are beneficial to get high ranking.
  • You can check results pages, side’s navigations that are related to research.
  • Complete information about URLs and inside links.
  • Check your results webpage results.
  • Gives access to MSN and
  • Get instant answers about sports, finance, mathematics, dictionary, and spell check and health issue.
  • Get notified about local information such as business listing, current traffic information and city hotel listing.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is also known as Google webmaster tools that provide detail information to the webmasters to index and optimize their websites. Google search console is very useful to submit and check the sitemap and informs the owner is any error in the sitemap. Some remarkable features of Google search console are given below:

  • Useful to check your web crawl rate and statistical analyses.
  • Links details that are external and internal.
  • Check your website performance.
  • Access to an API and make changes in your website.
  • Information about your security issue and the ability to fix them.
  • You can add or remove associated web property.
  • Get notified about manual penalties.
  • Check your content quality and make changes in it.
  • You can make individual page account.
  • Set your domain and make a change in it with the help of Google search console.

Google Search Console Vs Bing Webmaster Tools:

According to a dissertation writing service, although Google search console and Bing webmaster tools are sitemap submission tools organized by Google and Yahoo, yet, both are practical to crawling webpage on the sitemap that is selected but the Web admin in order to get high ranking and index their sites.

Account Set-up (Google vs. Bing):

In order to make an account on Bing master tools, you need to create a Microsoft account, for example, Hotmail and On the other hand, to make an account on Google search console, you need to set a Google account.  Adding and verifying account process is completely different.  After creating your account, you need to verify it, for that process, you should follow these steps that are given below:

Adding and Verifying Your Account in Google Search Console:

  • Create and upload a file to your server
  • For your website’s source code, you need to add a meta tag
  • Include a new DNS record
  • Use Google tools or tag manager account

Verifying Your Account in Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Upload your XML file
  • Add a meta tag
  • Add a name to record DNS

If we see the above steps of creating and verifying an account, then we can say that Bing webmaster tools are better and easy to understand.

Adding Sitemaps (Google vs. Bing):

A sitemap is a very useful and great way to get search engines the URLs on your site. Bing webmaster tools and Google search console consists of the same format for adding sitemaps. These steps are given below:

  • Add text files that are containing one URL per page
  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 0.3
  • XML sitemaps and XML sitemaps index files


Google’s dashboard gives you basic information about your website in the Google search such as errors, queries, URL’s and search. If we talk about the betterment of these tools then we can say that Bing webmaster tool is better than Google console. By a few clicking on Bing, you can gain a variety of data.

Search Query Data:

In the Google search console Dashboard, you can understand “search traffic “instead of that, on a few clicks, you can see your keywords and the highest impression or search engine on your website. However, Google search console will provide data for the previous 3 three months and if we talk about Bing webmaster tools that it can provide you 6-month data. Thus we can say that Bing is better than Google search console. On the other hand, Google search console can judge your interest and will provide you all the videos that you want to see. If we talk about Google search console then there are limited numbers of the quarries, on the other hand, Bing is completely free and not limited. But the process of getting information about report and data is the same. With the help of search query data, you can check the rate of your keywords. In order to gain more traffic, you should use high-quality content.

Site Links vs. Deep Links:

Site links are the links that are related to the top-ranked search results in Google search and these links are inter-linked with the landing pages within the site. So these links are well-known as a deep link. Google search console does not provide your information about your deep links, but Bing webmaster console provides you with complete information about your deep links. In order to check Deep Links in Bing Webmaster Tools, you need to click Deep links then click on for search results. After clicking on it, you will get your deep links reports.

Disavow Links:

Google search console and Bing webmaster tool has an amazing feature to clean your bad links. After getting information about your links, your tool will notify you about your profile and search engine spam that you can clean. Google search console has a mobile app that will give your notification about changes that you should be made on your website. After discussing important features of Google search console and Bing webmaster tools, we can say that these both are very beneficial and useful, but, Bing is better than Google search console.


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