Getting Braces: How Long Does It Take To Put On 

When it comes to braces people tend to get embarrassed or fear living with them every day. Howbeit, there is nothing to worry or fear about. There is a little discomfort at the start but once you will get used to braces, it won't bother you.

Bracing yourself for Braces:


Braces straighten your misaligned teeth, line up your jaws, space out crowded teeth and help you retain your beautiful smile. But before you make any decision, know that you need to have patience during the process and you need to;

  • Ask How Long Does It Take To Get Braces usually the time taken to put braces on is two to three hours. Consult your doctor well before and schedule an appointment to put your braces on.
  • Make time for appointments: make sure you consult your orthodontist when you decide to get braces and plan your appointments every 4 to 6 weeks and know your progress.
  • Watch what you are consuming: it is important that you carefully eat your food. You should avoid eating hard or sticky food items while your braces are on.
  • Hygiene is important: make sure to brush your teeth after you eat and floss regularly even before you get the braces done. Oral hygiene plays an important role in maintaining the health of your teeth. 

How long does it take to put Braces On?

It all depends on your earlier diagnosis and appointments with the orthodontist. Usually, it takes two to three hours to put braces on. Make sure you brush your teeth properly before you come to get braces on. Your orthodontist will also begin by cleaning and drying your teeth first.

After proper cleaning and drying your dentist will start by applying bonding glue to add brackets. Once the glue dries, the brackets are secured in place. The wire usually goes onto the brackets though there is now an option of just adding the brackets alone. 

Braces can be used on the upper jaw, lower jaw or both depending upon your need or as suggested by the orthodontist. There is an option of wearing an elastic band, which helps in expanding the jaw and makes space available for new teeth to settle.

Getting braces on for the first time may concern you, but with the help of your orthodontist, it becomes comfortable. The process to put braces on is not painful at all. You might experience a few symptoms at first after getting your braces but it will face away soon.

If there is any discomfort at the start, feel free to consult your orthodontist and ask for a pain reliever if needed. The most important thing here is that you pay attention to your nutrition and eat healthy and comfortable food. Food like yogurt, mashed potatoes, rice or soup is easy to chew and helps you avoid ache in teeth or jaw. 

You may also need adjustments for braces from time to time as scheduled by your orthodontist or when required. Usually, the first adjustment happens after a month since your braces are put on.

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