A six month smile is a new and latest form of dental treatment in the orthodontic industry. It’s a kind of braces used for the proper alignment of your misaligned teeth. Initially, it was pioneered in the US but is now available all around the world.


A huge number of people are facing problems of improper alignment of their teeth and are not happy about this. Most of the people think of taking dental treatment for resolving this issue but drops back because of wearing those ugly looking metal braces on their teeth for almost two to three years. People feel that it will affect their appearance and confidence in facing the world. But with the innovation of 6 month braces, all of them can afford to get their teeth aligned properly because these are only six month smiles problems.

The best thing about the six-month smile braces is that these can resolve various types of dental problems including overbite, crossbite, overjet, openbite, underbite, crowded teeth, misplaced midline teeth, etc. These are easy to use hence; they became an ideal choice for a huge number of cases.

But to ensure that these braces are the right choice for you, you must consult with your dentist. He/she will carefully analyze your dental problems and then decide if this treatment option is suitable for you or not. To check the applicability of six-month braces your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth. After completely analyzing the situation your dentist will quote the six month smiles cost to you with the time required for the treatment procedure.

The six-month smile braces are the white-colored braces placed with the help of special clear wires giving an almost invisible look to the braces. This treatment requires visit to the dentist in every 4 to 5 weeks to adjust and replace the braces if required. This is required to ensure the movement of the teeth.

All kinds of dental treatment involve some kind of pain or discomfort however, six-month braces will not cause you much discomfort. You may feel mild pain in the initial sessions which can be relieved from the painkillers.

6-month smile braces have various advantages. Some of them are:

  • The time taken by this treatment procedure is much less as compared to other treatment procedures.
  • It causes minimal pain and discomfort which can’t be even noticed many times.
  • 6 month smile cost is much lesser than the other treatment procedures. It is affordable by almost everyone. It almost costs half of the other procedures like Invisalign.
  • The brackets and wires used are similar to the color of the tooth, hence they are almost invisible.

So, visit your dentist today and check out if six-month braces treatment is suitable for you or not.

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