Garbage Disposal Across Different Cities in Canada

Garbage Disposal Across Different Cities in Canada

Canada has some of the strictest rules for garbage disposal –residential and commercial. Given the beautiful and green demographics of Canada, it is all the more important for cities to take an extra step to maintain the cleanliness. Let’s take a look at rules for garbage removal in Toronto, Edmonton, and St.John.


Garbage removal in Toronto is a bit more challenging due to the number of apartment buildings, condos and other multi-residential buildings. Statistics show that high-rise residents divert only 27 percent of their waste, compared to 65 percent for those who live in houses. Toronto is hoping that the new provincial rules help change these statistics for the better. Ontario's new Food and Organic Waste Framework aims to change building codes to require all high-rises to have a green bin infrastructure, as well as by eventually imposing an outright ban on any food scraps or other organics ending up in landfills. There are many garbage removal services, the question is how best can Toronto use it?


Edmonton’s aim is to divert 90% of residential junk from landfills but the current quota that the city can handle is only 50%. To tackle this, the city is going to limit the amount of grass clippings that can be thrown out as most of the organic dump is composed of it. Garbage removal services and garbage removal companies are focused to handle the city’s waste better.

St. John

The new laws in place at St. John prevent residents from throwing garbage in small bags like the one you get at grocery stores or kitchen bags. The main reason this law has been put into place is because of the complaints from collectors of garbage removal companies. No disposal container or garbage bags must exceed 44 pounds or else it will not be picked up. The same applies for compost bins weighing more than 100 pounds. Lifters in Saint John pick up more than 5 tonnes of refuse every day. The new act aims to reduce the burden on them.

No matter what city you live in, it is important to be aware of the garbage disposal rules and follow them to avoid causing damage to the environment and also heavy fines that the city could impose on you.

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