garage door installation

garage door installation

Garage Door and Opener Maintenance

Please follow the stepsrnbelow to maintain the garage door opener. Some maintenance canrnonly be performed by trained technicians. Do not try to makernany changes to the torsion spring installed on the doorway. Any bolts paintedrnred can only be corrected by a technician. Please follow the manufacturer'srninstructions for maintenance. Most manuals will list recommended monthlyrnassessments. Balance door • Approach the door and remove thernknob from the belt or chain by pulling the release handle. The door should lift now. • Open the door for about half anrnhour. If it stays in place, the goal will be more balanced. If it does notrnstay in place, it is unbalanced. Call a service technician for repair. •rnRe-engage it by moving the knob on the opener. Reversing thernexam • Please follow the steps below to perform the safety contactrnreversal assessment. • Open the door and place 2 x 4 on the floor in the middle of this opening. • When hitting the board, therndoor must be opened. If it is not, the power reduction control limit must berncorrected. • Put it together with the instructions, and then push the controller evaluation after the guide. • Repeat the inspectionrnas needed. • Even if change testing should be done under normal conditions,rninduction control rarely needs adjustment.


Eye sensor test                                                                      

Even the tiny devices at the bottomrnof the doorway are photoelectric eye sensors, theyrnwill prevent the door from closing when there is something on the door. • Make surernthe detectors are all aligned. Usually,rna signal light will emitted after the detector is aligned. something through the lightrnbetween the detectors. The door must bernreversed. • Otherwise, cleanrnthe detector with a damprncleaning cloth or cotton swab, and then try to test.

Evaluate Hardware                                         

Check all door hinges. Lubricaternthem and make sure everything is tight. • Dornnot touch the bolts on the torsion spring.rnClean the pathrnwith the carburetor or brake cleaner.rn• Do not use lubricant on the monitor, as it may cause the door to slide andrneventually cause an imbalance. Makernsure that all door hinges and display hardware arerntightened.

Replacerncells and light bulbs


Confirm that the backup battery on the bottlernopener is working properly. Unplug the door opener and try to open the doorrnusing the wall or remote control. • If it cannot be opened, the battery needsrnto be replaced. • Remove the cap on the bottle opener, then unplug the battery,rnand then replace it with a new battery. Bottle opener battery • Also, pleasernreplace the battery on the remote control. Check the guide to get the ideal type. • Replace the bulb with the bulbrnrecommended by the manufacturer. Light bulb • Openrnthe doorway before the carriage reaches halfway. Release it, then close the door. •Use a wrench to loosen the nut on thernturnbuckle, and then turn the nut counterclockwise. • The belt or chain shouldrnbe 1/4 inch at the bottom of the railing on the opposite side. •Tighten thernnut, then open the door and insert the knob into thernturnbuckle. 

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