Follow These Steps If You Get Hit By a Vehicle As a Pedestrian

Follow These Steps If You Get Hit By a Vehicle As a Pedestrian

Car accidents happen on a daily basis. However, every modern vehicle is equipped with certain safety elements that will minimize the damage done and prevent the drivers from losing their lives in the crash. But not all car accidents happen between two vehicles. Sometimes, they happen between a vehicle and a bicycle, or a pedestrian. And when that happens, the consequences are catastrophic.rnrnWhen a pedestrian gets hit by a vehicle, there is a great chance that the injured pedestrian will end up hospitalized, or even die as a result of an accident. The faster the vehicle goes, the less chance the pedestrian has of staying alive.rnrnAs a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to walk on the sidewalk, watch left and right before crossing the street and only cross the street on safe locations and crosswalks. Here is what you should do if you get hit by a vehicle in San Diego.

Move Away From The Road

When you find yourself lying on the pavement, assuming that you regain consciousness, try and get up slowly. If you feel any strong pain in your neck or back, ask someone to help you get up. Your first priority is to get to safety, away from the street as you may get hit by another vehicle. Use your adrenaline and walk off (or crawl) to the sidewalk. Once there, call for help. Someone around you will probably come to help you out, so all you have to do is shout for help (if you cannot reach out for your phone, or if it has been damaged).

Wait For The Police To Arrive

Once the police arrive, speak with them and help them craft a police report. Be as thorough and concise as you can, and if possible, contact your attorney to arrive at the scene at the same time as the police. If you do not have an attorney, contact San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney are there for you; give them a call and they will come to help you in no time.rnrnOnce you are done talking with the police, head over to the hospital to receive treatment.

Do Not Skip The Doctor

Many people think that they are feeling well after getting hit by a vehicle. Surely, it looks like a few scratches, but you never know if you ended up with more serious injuries, such as:

  • A concussion
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Head damage
  • Back damage

You will not be able to think clearly due to the adrenaline rush. But if you do not seek immediate medical treatment, you will find it hard proving that your injuries came from the accident. In fact, you will have almost no evidence to support your claim.rnrnFor that reason (and for the sake of staying healthy and well), visit the hospital immediately and treat your injuries.rnrnDo not worry about paying for your medical bills; if your claim is successful, you will receive compensation for your medical bills, as well as:rnrn
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Call Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in San Diego and schedule your free consultation, or have someone come to you if you are in the hospital. You are going to need professional legal help if you are to receive compensation for your injuries.

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