Firefox consistently crashes search Gmail

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Many of the users have been facing issues with Firefox on Windows 10 operating system. They have been reporting the Firefox crash with any search in Gmail. This could be quite a tricky situation, as it won’t allow you to proceed further with your tasks online. So you can call at mozilla phone number  and get the easy support. For now, you can follow this blog as well to fix your issue.

Easily fix the Firefox issue:

1.     By removing history, cookies, and caches:

You need to clear all the cookies, caches and history from your Firefox browser. After working for a while, the browser builds up download history and a lot of cookies as well. It may slow down or freeze the process. So now you need to remove these elements carefully taking guidance with these steps:

·        Open the Firefox browser and go to the menu and then click on downloads.

·        Then simply click on the ‘clear list’ option to clear all the download history at once.

·        You may also get a freezing situation when you try to save the file that is not accessible.

·        Now to remove the situation, you should reset the browser preferences from ‘about:config’ menu.

·        Set the new download folder in the settings by going to the option and then downloads and choose ‘save files to’ option to locate the folder.

·        Now to avoid the interference with the browser history, you can go to tools and click on ‘clear recent history’ to clean the history footprints from the browser.


2.     By using Firefox in safe mode:

If the problem remains unsolved you may require starting Firefox in safe mode by using these steps:

·        In your computer, go to the start menu and land into all programs.

·        Then choose Mozilla Firefox option and then click on safe mode.

·        Now if your browser any freezing situations you may get bad add on suggestions with extension or toolbar.

·        Next, go to tools and disable each add-on there.

·        Also if you find any corrupted toolbar or extension, uninstall it to fix the issue.


3.     Try updating Adobe Flash version:

Adobe Flash player is another program that may create critical situations for Firefox and may lead it to freeze state. So you need t check if Adobe flash player, java plugging are up to date.

4.     Some other solutions:

·        If you are still getting issues, then you should try to suing ShellExview and check all shell extensions and disable problematic extensions to fix the issue.

·        Further, you can also try to disable third-party antivirus programs that may also interrupt the browser.

For your further assistant, you can call at mozilla firefox tollfree number and get fixed with the easy solution process with the help of experts and professionals.

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