Few steps To Clean Air Conditioner Filters like a pro!

Few steps To Clean Air Conditioner Filters like a pro!

Cleaningrnthe air filters of your air conditioners is important to avoid the collectionrnof bacteria, dust, mold, and mildew. Often, it is one of the most overlookedrnaspects. However, ignoring it can result in compromise of air quality and arndecrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner. An increase in the dirt onrnthe air filters can also lead to higher electricity bills. So, it is importantrnto clean the air filters at regular intervals. If you are unable to do itrnyourself, you can avail the help of an Aircon Installation CompanyrnMelbourne or a Split Air-Conditioning Repair and Service Melbourne provider.

Herernare the steps you can follow in order to easily clean the air conditionerrnfilter.

Step 1: Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Whenrnyou want to clean the air filter, the first step is to turn off the airrnconditioner. Turning it off ensures that the dirty air does not get circulatedrnin your home.


Step 2: Remove the Air Filter

Oncernyou have turned off the air conditioners, you need to open the air conditionerrnunit with the help of a screwdriver and remove the air filter. Certain unitsrnhave a number of air filters. So, make sure to check all the vents and removernthe filters.

Step 3: Vacuum the Air Filter

Inrnorder to clean the dirt buildup on the air filter, you will have to use arnvacuum cleaner first. Next, with the help of a microfiber cloth, you can cleanrnthe dust present around the frame. Removing the top layer of dirt can help inrnmaking the next step of cleaning the air filter easy.

Step 4: Wash the Air Filter

To getrnrid of the remaining dirt on the air filter, washing it is essential.rnThoroughly and gently rinse the air conditioner filter outdoors or in a deeprnsink. Then keep it for some time and let it dry. If you want to deep clean thernfilter, you can soak it in a solution of warm water and white vinegar. Afterrnone hour, do clean it and let it dry.

Step 5: Reinstall the Air Filter

Oncernall the dirt from the air filter is cleaned, it is ready to be reinstalled. Ifrnyou find any signs of damage, you can consider a replacement.


Cleaningrnthe air conditioner filter is not a tough task. Following the right processrnensures that cleaning is done right. However, in case of any difficulty, yourncan avail the help of the Air Handling Unit Repair and Installation Melbourne professionals.

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