Fascinating Elephanta Cave Tour

Fascinating Elephanta Cave Tour

Popularly known for its ancient rock-cut structures, and detailed architecture, Elephanta caves have become a known tourist site. Every tourist who visits Mumbai is intrigued to visit these distinctive Caves. There are a total of 7 caves divided into the significance of Hindu and Buddhist mythology which consists of structures of deities, ancient artwork, and intricate carvings. The Elephanta cave tour is one of the most trending tours on travelers list while traveling to Maharashtra. Elephanta Island has 2 hillocks separated by a slender natural depression. The tiny island is dotted with varied ancient archaeological remains revealing occupation from as early form the 2d century B.C. There are a total of 7 caves divided into two categories– 5 Hindu caves (including the most exquisite Hindu sculptures) and 2 caves with Buddhist structures. The caves, hewn from solid volcanic rock, were earlier demolished by the Portuguese. Most of the caves are covered with expansive panels on Hindu mythology related to Lord Shiva and has been preserved by the archeological department. 

Before you plan a visit to these exceptional heritage caves, here is a small travel guide for you to make your trip easier and full of pleasant memories. 

• To reach Elephanta caves, it isrnbest suggested to leave in the morning and take a ferry from Gateway of Indiarnto Elephanta caves.

Price:  130 INR to 200 INR

Time: The ferry services start from Gateway at 09:00 am and the last ferry leaves the port at 3 pm.  The first ferry from Elephanta leaves at 12 pmrnand the last one leaves at 05:30 pm.

The caves remain closed on Monday for tourists. 

• While you’re on the island, beware of the monkeys. Yes, you read it right. There are a lot of monkeys on the island which might grab your stuff from your hands and could also hurt you if you resist. So try to carry a bag pack where you can put all of your essentials rather than carrying them in hand. 

• There is a lot of walkingrninvolved if you wish to see all the caves and tourist spots on the island, therefore it is suggested that you wear comfortable and breathable clothes andrnshoes.

• Carry your own water bottle, some snacks, first-aid and any other essentials that you might require in case of an emergency like medicines. You don’t need to carry food as there arernplenty of stalls and shops that serve delicious meals.

So the next time you visit Elephanta Caves, make sure to keep these little things in mind to make your journey fun, hassle-free and memorable.

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