Everything You Should Know About Invisalign

Invisalign is an alternative to the traditional braces. It is made of plastic and has been customized to fit the patient's mouth. It s not easy for someone to notice when you are wearing the invisalign since it is made of a transparent material. Invisalign is backed by clinical research and popular among many people.


It is effective because the technology it uses will shift teeth into their proper position. You will get straightened teeth without wearing metal braces. When you go to the Houston dental surgery dentist, he will change the aligners depending on your treatment plan. It has to be changed to ensure you get the desired results. It is vital that you choose a qualified dentist to treat your problem. The dentist Houston galleria will use their knowledge and skills to design your mold.  There are different types of invisalign that you can chose from. If you want to know the types of invisalign at your disposal, here are the common ones.

Invisalign full

Invisalign full is one of the common treatment since it will help with complex cases. You will be given several aligners throughout the treatment. When you go to an emergency dentist appointment, you will recommend the invisalign full since it is suitable for severe cases. There are many aligners with this type of invisalign.

Invisalign lite

The invisalign lite is suitable for moderate cases. The invisalign may be used in combination with crowns. The invisalign this has a limited number of aligners and is not highly recommended. You can go for the full treatment at the dentist office Houston tx since it will be affordable.

invisalign i7

Technology is changing and every industry is changing with it. Invisalign is also changing with the times. The invisalign i7 is the recent development. The invisalign type shortens the treatment time for those patients with minimal orthodontic requirements. It is for people with a setback in orthodontic treatment or crooked tooth. Given that is still new in the market, the invisalign i7 is a bit costly.

Invisalign express

The invisalign express offers you with only 10 aligners trays. These are not enough in treating the problem. Thus, it will limit you from achieving the desired results.

Invisalign teen

invisalign teen just like the name suggests is meant for young adults. It is suitable for them since it can help with the constant shifting of their teeth. The treatment plan comes with six replacements for the dental aligners. It also includes tooth eruption tabs. The invisalign teen the aligners will give dentist with flexibility in treatment.

These are some of the invisalign types at your disposal. If you do not know how to choose the suitable one, you can find a dentist to help. They are knowledgeable and will examine your teeth and decide on the appropriate treatment plan how they can be of help with your dental problem. Every patient is different and it is important to discuss with your dentist since they are knowledgeable. You can go for dental crowns Houston.

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