Escalator Brush Is Carefully Selected for You – AOQUN

Escalator Brush Is Carefully Selected for You – AOQUN

On October 7th, Miss Zhu contacted our company’s salesman Mr. Wang through the Alibaba website. The reason is that during the National Day, there are more people traveling. The escalator brush on both sides of the escalator of the subway began to deform and could not recover the original state. It will not only affect the life of the escalator, but more importantly, it may bring about an accident.

After knowing Miss Zhu’s troubles, Mr. Wang, the salesman, learned that the original escalator brush on the sides of the escalator was made of PP material. Mr. Wang suggested that Miss Zhu should use PA material. PA has high flexibility, good recovery, and strong elasticity. Ms. Zhu listened to the advice of Mr. Wang, and tried to see the effect.

About 15 days later, Miss Zhu contacted the salesman Mr. Wang again. She said that, “Manager Wang, thanks you to change the material, the deformation of the escalator brush on both sides of the escalator has improved a lot. Please help me to add a escalator brush order of 6 escalators.”

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