Emerald mineral and their properties

Emerald is one of the most appreciated minerals since antiquity, and is one of the 4 most valuable precious stones that exist; in this article you know the history, its properties and characteristics, the deposits and their applications. You can find Precious Gemstones Supplier anywhere.


Emerald mineral

It is one of the gems by antonomasia, of great value and extremely beautiful.
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name has even become a way to designate a specifically bright shade of green, emerald green.

From the mineralogical point of view, the emerald is a variety of beryllium and aluminum. Its name derives from the Greek term ¨ smaragdos ¨, which means, obviously, "green stone".

This term was formerly used to indicate many other green stones, without referring specifically to the precious stone that we know.

The value of this gem is linked, above all, thanks to which jewelry of great value is made.

The Emerald crystallizes in the hexagonal system, in prismatic crystals of hexagonal contour. It has a typical green color, more or less dark, of a very particular tone, which distinguishes it from other stones of similar appearance. You can look for Ruby Online.

Physical-chemical properties of the emerald

The emerald belongs to the class of silicates , subclass cyclosilicates, and is constituted, if pure, by aluminum, beryllium and silicon and that’s why Colombian Emeralds For Sale. The tetrahedra centered on silicon, as happens in all cyclosilicates, are joined by two vertices forming hexagonal rings.

The characteristic green color is due to the presence of small amounts of chromium in its crystal lattice. It often contains inclusions, which in the best quality specimens should not be visible to the naked eye.

The principle of precious stones

Man has known precious stones for at least 7000 years. The first ones were amethyst, amber, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, emerald and turquoise. They were reserved for the wealthy classes and were a symbol of social status. With their insignia adorned with gems, the princes showed their wealth and with it their power.

Until the Modern Age, the Birthstone Colors by Month has been appreciated as amulets and talismans. They would protect against evil, preserve health, increase the power of princes and ensure the return of navigators. The gems were even valuable as medicines, powdered or as a means of contact.

The precious stones were ordered very soon according to the zodiacal signs, and from there arose the natal stones and the monthly stones. In more recent times, some states identify with the precious stones that can be found within their borders.

Also in the modern religions the Lindly Star Sapphire occupies a fixed place. The insignia of the High Priest of the Jews was adorned with four rows of precious stones. The gems also adorn the tiara and miter of the Pope and the bishops, as well as the monstrances, relics and icons of the Christian churches.

In our days, jewelry and ornaments have much more meaning than before, as personal satisfaction in the face of beauty and harmony.

But often, precious stones are devoid of all symbolism and aesthetic value and considered as mere investments of capital.

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