Email not working on iPhone – Verizon, AOL, ATT, Xfinity, Bellsouth

Email not working on iPhone – Verizon, AOL, ATT, Xfinity, Bellsouth

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In this fast-moving technological era, life is running so fast that people don’t get time to meet so they communicate via either emails or calls. But emails are more of the professional and secure way of communication. People are using emails on various devices be it their desktop or smartphone like iPhone and etc. Using various emails on iPhone is easy but at times these can give you some really hard times. And if you suddenly notice that emails have stopped working on the iPhone due to some significant errors then you don’t need to hover around. This blog will help you and provide you with the elementary troubleshooting steps if you ever face with this trouble

The error can arise in any email service due to no internet connection, server error, the page or site not responding, username or password issues, etc. People tend to have email accounts on many different sites. Here you will come across solutions to some of them. Have a glance and start working to fix it.

How to resolve the error of Verizon mails not working on iPhone?

  1. Ensure that the outgoing and server settings are correct
  2. Disable the firewall and other security options.
  3. Update your iPhone and make sure that you have installed the recent system updates
  4. Make sure that you are using the correct login credentials

What to do if AOL email is not working on iPhone

  1. Reconnect your device with the data connection or Wi-Fi network
  2. Try to reset the network setting and if you are in roaming, then make sure that your data is enabled
  3. Delete the account from the iPhone and create a new account
  4. Put the phone in airplane mode or restart it and then try to log in
  5. Try to repair the operating system as there could be some internal error

How to Fix ATT email not responding on iPhone

  1. Try to send mails by any other device. If you achieve success, then there is some software issue or internal errors in the iPhone. Get it fixed
  2. Delete all the junk mails from the mail folder, and then see whether you are able to receive or send mails
  3. Log out of the account, and then sign back again after some time
  4. Make sure that the login credentials are appropriate

The ways to fix Xfinity emails not working on iPhone

  1. Navigate to the settings of the iPhone
  2. Go to the option of ‘Mail, Contacts, and calendars”
  3. Now click on the option of account and then on the outgoing server settings (SMTP). Now enter ‘’’’ or tap on it if it is the previous configuration
  4. Change the password in the next step and save the changes.

How can you fix the issue of Bellsouth emails not working on iPhone

  1. Move to settings and then to mails, contacts, and calendars
  2. Click on the account and check the Bellsouth login credentials
  3. Verify the POP and SMTP settings. Make sure that incoming server settings are and the outgoing server settings are
  4. Save the changes and let the device verify the settings

These are the ways by which you can recover or solve the issues of the following mails not working on iPhone. And if you come across any difficulty in any step, you can always reach out to the  Frontier email login support service and get their assistance.

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