Elk Hunting – The Ultimate Big Game Guide

Elk Hunting – The Ultimate Big Game Guide

Nowadays, big game hunting opportunity, despite limited elk hunting seasons, has gathered momentum on the wish list of American and other hunters. 

Elk Hunting

Thanks to the latest conservation practices and government efforts, the population of elks in US is on a rebound. With elks finding their way into old and new hunting grounds, elk hunting is back with a bang. Here’s a quick elk hunting guide to help you lead from the front.

Elk — A Closer Look 

The elk (Cervus canadensis) is considered to be among the largest species in the deer family, Cervidae. Also referred as wapiti –attributed to the Shawnee and Cree term wapiti that means ‘white rump’, it ranks high on the list of largest terrestrial mammals in the northern precincts of America

Reproduction & Breeding

Elks are known to breed across two months — from mid-August to mid-October. It’s in the late weeks of May and early June that calves weighing about 35 pounds are dropped by their mothers in ones and twos.

Are They Edible?

According to pro big gaming hunters, elk meat is the best in existence. Often considered superior to beef, it can be used for different red meat applications.

Elk Hunting in Colorado

If you are planning to Elk Hunting in Colorado or Idaho, then you may apply for OTC non-residents tags until the night prior to the opening of the season. Its best to apply in time as there are limited tags and the draws can be tough.

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