Edison Mail iPhone Bug Put Other People’s Emails at Risk

Edison Mail iPhone Bug Put Other People’s Emails at Risk

The latest Edison Mail iPhone bug has put the thousands of iOS users at risk as this has exposed their emails. Here is everything that you should know about the latest leak.

Recently, online information of thousands of users of iOS Email mail has been placed at risk. The threat to personal emails occurred to the users due to the appearance of a bug in the servers of the company. The bug that appeared in the servers of the company has provided other people with unwanted access to the personal emails of the users. Such vulnerabilities are becoming a matter of great concern for users and companies. Moreover, it is more concerning, as, in recent times, the data is not only collected but also traded and sold like any other commodity in demand. Further, it is alarming to the users of iPhone and iOS that they should not assume themselves protected.

iOS and iPhones are considered safer choices for users when it comes to privacy and security. But, it does not mean that it is entirely safe as recently the products of iPhones and iOS are becoming the target of naughty people. The Edison Mail is, however, an app, but it is a separate establishment installed on Android and iOS devices. But still, the latest bug has appeared in the iOS devices and affected its users hugely. Even though a recent bug has posed a threat to personal emails of iOS users, still the access granted is only a mistake. The intention behind such access is not malicious, but the users need to remain careful regarding it.

An iOS and iPhone related update was rolled out by the Edison Email to make it easy for the users to access their emails on different iOS devices. However, the update brought inconvenience to many of the users when it accidentally gave access to some other users to the emails of other users. According to a blog posted on Medium, more than 6 thousand users have been affected with the mishap. However, the company later said it has rolled out a patch to fix the issue by disabling the access to the mails. Also, the company is in a hurry to replace the older version of the app with a new one to fix the current problem.

Ways to Avoid Such Situations in the Future

Apple products have always been known for their higher security levels; however, they are also vulnerable to several cyber threats. But, The users can take some precautions to protect their online information from any cyber threat. While looking at the increasing incidents of cyber threats, the companies are also trying everything to make their digital product and services safer to the users. For example, Firefox recently rolled out a new feature allowing users to create emails to get subscriptions or services. The fake accounts created by the users were forwarding the emails to the users’ original email accounts. The new feature to create a dummy account was very useful as it limits the scope of misuse of original accounts. Not only Mozilla, but there are many other companies which are striving to launch the same features to protect the privacy of users, including Apple.

Amidst all, the users should keep it in their mind that there is nothing that can protect their online information completely even though companies from time to time take steps and launch many security features to protect the privacy of the users.  The users should need to keep their trust intact in the security apps as not all are so vulnerable. So, if you want to protect your privacy from cyber thieves, then always install an updated device. Also, the security app you are going to download should be updated.

Moreover,  it is necessary to install the latest version and also try to keep different passwords for your different accounts. The only things that can help the users in fighting against cyber threats are their awareness and precautions. Most of the people do not care to set up a strong password which is yet a big mistake. You can activate a two-factor authentication system in your devices to protect your online information.

Rdx Tango is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at mcafee.com/activate, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Source:- Edison Mail iPhone Bug Put Other People’s Emails at Risk


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