Goose Hunting Tips for Beginners to Seasonal Hunters

Goose Hunting Tips for Beginners to Seasonal Hunters

Take your hunting skills to the next level by simply considering the best hunting tips, and know everything to shoot the duck in real-time. 

Goose hunting is one of the popular types of hunting in Colorado that can easily scale up the excitement but soon that excitement can be turned into stress when you don't know how to kill these ducks, what gears you need to consider and what costumes you should wear while hunting. While Colorado goose hunting is not just limited to these questions, that's why this blog guide has covered all the basic points to guide you from start to finish. 

Undoubtedly, goose hunting is an exciting activity in Colorado. No matter with whom you are hunting, goose hunting is a pleasant experience that enables you to enjoy nature and its activities. 

While Goose Hunting in Colorado seems easy but in reality, it's challenging for all beginners as well as seasonal hunters. Goose hunting involves many techniques and tricks while shooting these quick ducks. If you are one of those who are about to hunt goose for the first time then it is the right time to go through this blog and check out the list of hunting tips to turn your hunting trip into a success.

Here are the tips that can help you become a good Goose Hunter:

Find the Best Goose Hunting Colorado Location

There are plenty of areas where you will find goose congregating but one of the all-time favorite places of the goose is water. To capture a large number of goose, you can get to the flooded field. And you probably won't need a boat to set up your target. Further, if you have a ditch bank near your flooded ground, it is best to lay down in it to catch them more quickly. 

Another common area to easily find them is, in rivers and at the side of the creeks. Sometimes you may need a boat depending upon the depth of the slough you are hunting. The most important thing to remember is safety especially when you are finding them with the boat as there is a great possibility of falling over the boat and into the water while your focus is completely on capturing the goose. 

What Size of Gears You Should Use?

While every state has its own different hunting rules and regulations, therefore, it is worth to check guidelines on the official site. You will find the clear instructions that what weapons and knives are allowed to hunt these goose. When it comes to Goose hunting in Colorado, 12 Gauge pump-action shotgun is usually used for hunting goose. Sometimes, hunters prefer 2 ¾” shells and some use 3” shells, or some use a combination of shells in the market to hunt these goose.

What should you Wear for goose hunting?

It depends on where you're hunting these ducks. If you are hunting them in a creek or river you would require a boat, whereas, in flooded fields and timbers, you need to wear waterproof waders. Make sure your waders are of good quality to avoid cracking and cuts on the boots.

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