Do you have a full-time magician at your organization?

Do you have a full-time magician at your organization?

You wish,rnsometimes, you have a full-time magicianrnat your organization.

Accidentalrnor intentional deletion of data is the most common disaster to happen in anyrnenterprise. Many times, it becomes a suspense thriller, “who did it”. Sometimes, even it becomes unwanted sequels, “who keeps doing”

Imagine thernteam at your organization is chasing a project timeline, or bidding a tender atrnthe last moment, or on the verge of a breakthrough, and a user shift+delete allrnfiles accidentally or intentionally.

When thisrnhappens, the top priority is to restore deleted data ASAP and continue thernbusiness.

Mostly werncan’t do it because the data in the last backup is not the same as the datarndeleted. It is also cumbersome to dig into the backup and restore therndata.  In short, it becomes a nightmare and causes business discontinuity andrnlosses…

You can keeprnreading or click below to watch the following video, make yourself comfortable.

What couldrnbe the solution? How about, all your servers, laptops, and desktop data arernautomatically centralized on a central device. This central device capturesrndeleted data for a specified period. Howrnabout, if such a system, keeps tagging who deleted the data too?

This willrnact as a full-time magician at your organization. If data is deleted, justrnrestore it in less than 30 seconds and find out who deleted it.

You nornlonger have to tolerate those unwanted suspense thrillers and sequels.


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