Different Types Of Precious Stones:

Gems, precious stones, or are precious or semi-precious stones usually mined from rocks. Once cut and polished, they are used in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments. Gems are usually hard and durable; the level of durability of a jewel is an important element when deciding on its use. In general, the value of a jewel varies according to its purity and rarity. Gems usually come in different colors such as red, blue, violet, green, pink and yellow gemstones.


Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the four most precious gemstones in the world. Precious gemstones are supplied by the precious gemstones supplier. They supply these precious gemstones to the jewelers.

Diamant - Pure Beauty

Diamonds are eternal:

Possessing the most intense brilliance of all transparent gemstones, diamond is also the hardest material on earth, and can only be scratched by another diamond. Its name comes from the Greek adámas, which means "unbreakable". Diamonds reflect light in an unparalleled way, specifically when placed under a multi-directional light source. Each slight movement of the hand will shine a diamond ring with a thousand lights and will attract all eyes.

Rubis - The Talisman Of Love

A devouring passion: Ruby is part of the corundum family and is famous for its deep red color and vibrant shine. Wearing the color of love and desire, the ruby ​​is the ideal romantic gift for a woman in love.

Record statistics: Over the years, the high-quality ruby ​​auctions have achieved price records, making ruby ​​the highest-value colored gemstone per carat.

Rutile and silk: Pure rubies have fine inclusions called needles. When they cross in groups, they create a so-called "silky" phenomenon, softening the color and making the light reflect on the facets of the stone.

Emeraude - The Rare Stone:

Rich in symbolism: Known for its intense green tint and the depth of color that few gemstones possess, Emerald is the stone symbolizing renewal and hope.

A royal story: This rich green stone has been the source of a great fascination in royalty over the centuries. Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt, had a weak point for emeralds and loved wearing them.

Saphir - The Cobalt Charmer:

Not only blue: Pure sapphires are actually white, but the presence of traces of iron and titanium gives them a velvety blue color. Apart from this classic shade, there are rarer sapphires of all colors, ranging from green to pink and even to black, except the red sapphire which is in fact the ruby.

Crown jewels: The most famous sapphire in the world is the one formerly owned by the late Princess Diana of Wales and nowadays worn by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Synthetic Gem: A synthetic sapphire is one that is similar to a natural pearl, but is made using a chemical process. Different methods can be used in the production of synthetic gems. One such method is the flame melting process, where the source powder is mixed with compressed oxygen and then deposited on an ignited oxyhydrogen flame.

You can buy loose sapphire stones and tanzanite loose stones from the jewelers. They are loosely available in the jewelry shops.


Article Source: https://wholesaleloosegemstoness.blogspot.com/2019/07/different-types-of-precious-stones.html

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