Difference Between Cement and Concrete: The Lesser Known Facts

Difference Between Cement and Concrete: The Lesser Known Facts

People often use the names cement and concrete interchangeably. Well, sorry to burst the bubble but cement and concrete are different from each other. 

Cement is used to bind various building materials that are present on a construction site. Cement is the ingredient used as an adhesive that sticks all the different building components together to form a structure. 

Concrete, on the other hand, is a mixture that has cement as one of its constituents. 

Concrete manufacturers usually rely on cement manufacturers like Wonder Cement that provide quality cement. 

Now that we know the basic difference between the two, here are a few facts that will surprise you. 

1. Air is one of the most important components of cement

Believe it or not, the air is also a part of the overall cement composition. The cement mixture contains air pockets that impact some of its crucial characteristics. 

2. Cement in its original form is made of only two ingredients

Cement is not very complex. In its original form, it is made up of two rocks - limestone and clay. 

3. Concrete continues to grow stronger as time passes

The chemical composition of concrete is such that it continues to grow stronger with each passing year. This happens because the calcium hydroxide converts into calcium carbonate making it stronger. 

4. Concrete is the most widely used material in the world 

This one is fairly expected thanks to rapid urbanisation all over the globe. Concrete is the most used building material, and the reason behind this is that its components are available everywhere! 

Well, apart from these facts there are certain other crucial points that differentiate cement and concrete. 

Usage of cement and concrete

The way cement and concrete are used also differs to a great extent. Cement is generally used to bind the components of concrete together. Concrete, on the other hand, is used to provide strength to the building elements like slabs.

Types of cement and concrete

Cement is available in different types namely, Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, Rapid Hardening Cement, and several others. Concrete can be classified into three specific types- Lime concrete, Cement concrete, and Reinforced Cement concrete. The concrete is classified as per the variations in the material composition. 

Mixing procedure of cement and concrete

To use these two, certain mixing procedures have to be followed. The cement is typically mixed with water for the hydration to form which results in the hardening of the mixture. In the case of concrete, fine aggregates are used and cement is then added to bind all the components.

Knowing about the differences between cement and concrete can help you understand the building process better! Concrete manufacturers must make sure to team up with reliable cement manufacturers like Wonder Cement to streamline bulk requirements.

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