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AOL is continuously making its services better by upgrading itself. The latest AOL Desktop Gold software is equipped with premium security features that ensure your safety you go online to browse the web, access emails, or to use any other web-based service. It’s also equipped with an Anti-Keylogging feature that disguises you keystrokes to anyone who tries to steal your personal data or contaminate your network. So, what are you waiting for? Download AOL Desktop Gold software from the official AOL store and navigate to your online world seamlessly without being worried about the security of your personal information. in case you encounter any error in installing AOL Gold or using its services on your computer, feel free to contact AOL Desktop Gold software number +1-844-443-3244 for instant support.

AOL Desktop gold offers various safeguards and security features to protect your personal data from being stolen as you go online. Here we’re going to enlist some safety and security features available with AOL Desktop Gold.

Premium Security Feature: As stated above, the premium security feature of AOL Desktop Gold prevent online threats and bad people (hackers) from entering into your network. It applies various security majors to identify online threats and kick them out from your network.

How to enable premium security feature on AOL Gold?

Step 1: Click the Setting’s gear icon in the toolbar.

Step 2: Now, click the Premium Security tab on the settings window.

Step 3: Check or uncheck the box adjacent to the feature in order to turn it on or off.

Anti-Keylogging: The Anti-Keylogging feature disguises what you’re typing on your keyboard with randomly generated letters, numbers, and other characters in order to prevent hackers from stealing your confidential data while signing into a website, purchasing online products, or doing a bank transaction.

Spam and Online Threat Alert: Attackers tries phishing (a fraudulent attempt to steal your personal information) by tricking you into providing personal information. AOL Gold detects these dangerous attacks and displays a warning message to let you know that the website you’re trying to visit is suspicious and it may steal your sensitive data. Once the alert message appears on your screen, you can choose to go back or you can continue to the website by ignoring that warning. Once a phishing site is confirmed, AOL Desktop Gold adds it to the blacklist and prevent you or anyone else who use AOL Desktop gold from accessing this website.

Screen Capturing: AOL Desktop Gold prevents other software from taking a screenshot of your screen to protect your sensitive information. Even, it doesn’t let you take a screenshot of your email messages. You can turn on or off screen capture protection from the settings if you don’t want to use this feature.            

So, these are the premium security features available with AOL Desktop Gold software. These features will be available to everyone who download and install AOL Desktop Gold on his/her machine. All you need to do is enable these features under the settings. In case you encounter any error while enabling or disabling the feature, feel free to contact AOL Gold support on AOL Desktop Gold Software Number +1-844-443-3244 for instant support.

Source: https://aolgoldsupport.com/safety-security-features-aol-desktop-gold/

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