Design Your Dream Kitchen with Natural Stone Countertops

Design Your Dream Kitchen with Natural Stone Countertops

Design a kitchen you’ll want to spend all your time in! It’s easy to bring beauty, durability, and functionality to the most popular room in your home when you embellish it up with beautiful countertops. The points below will educate you on different types of stone so you can decide which one is right for you!

1. Granite Kitchen Countertops: Granite is a popular preference for many rooms in a home. It is low maintenance, sustainable and affordable, which are just a few reasons cause of which it has become popular across households, worldwide.

2. Bring on the Beauty of Marble Countertops: The beauty, durability, and decadency of marble make it a superior countertop for your kitchen. If you have not entertained the idea of marble earlier because of its price, you should rethink that decision— as marble is one of the most affordable and durable natural stone kitchen countertop around.

Whether you decide on granite or marble countertop installation, the right company makes all the difference. Lawrence Natural Stone is Rochester’s leader in natural stone countertops. From quality to excellent service, you can see yourself why we have been a trusted source for countertops installation. Request a free quote today!

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