Design Guide for Blast and Fire Wall/Enclosure Benefits

Design Guide for Blast and Fire Wall/Enclosure Benefits

Once you look at the benefits a blast wall offers, you will understand why selecting a high-quality system is important, not only for your building but also for its contents and most importantly, your employees. The optimal fire-rated assemblies give you ample time to get everyone outside to safety should a fire break out, or a blast occurs.

Benefits of a Superior Blast Wall Design

A blast wall and firewall combination provides optimum protection against both fire and blasts. In the event of a fire, the wall contains it until first responders arrive. The type and size of the building, the occupancy count, and your industry dictate the correct fire rating you need.

For example, an oil, fertilizer, or chemical processing company has a much greater risk of fire and blast compared to one that manufactures furniture. Because of that, experts may recommend a wall with a up to a four-hour fire resistance rating or a high-security blast wall with rated for up up to 2.3 bar.

With a blast, there is a significant risk of flying debris that will cause severe injury to anyone within a large radius. A blast can also cause damage to equipment, machinery, products, and more. When you consult with a fire protection specialist, an experienced professional will help you determine the correct wall design based on several factors.

Another benefit of high-quality blast and fire-rated assemblies is they prevent damage to outside infrastructure. As an example, if a transformer in a substation caught on fire or an explosion caused damage, there is an excellent chance of catastrophe. As a result, many homes and businesses could lose power. For some, including banks, subways, and air traffic control towers, even a second without power could prove disastrous.

Compliance is another factor to consider in order to have the correct passive fire protection system in place. Under the International Building Code  (IBC), the fire resistance of the blast wall design, must also meet strict code requirements. Otherwise, you would have to shut down your company until you become compliant. Without production, significant revenue would be lost.

On a final note, with the correct blast and fire-rated assemblies installed, you may also see your insurance rates decrease. With all the benefits, it makes sense to invest in a state-of-the-art system. Having one in place will keep your employees safe, prevent damage to your building and the contents inside, and protect outside infrastructure, plus a lot more.

While some fires and blasts occur due to human error or combustible materials, others are the result of criminal activity. Along with people who do significant damage to businesses are domestic terrorists who thrive on causing destruction and harm.

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DuraSystems is the leading provider of cutting-edge passive fire protection systems. Whether the fire or blast is accidental or intentional, you want to take the appropriate steps to protect your investment. Contact us today to learn more.

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