Do you have a fractured tooth, or want to transform your smile without altering the structure of your real teeth? If yes, then dental bonding is one of the best solutions for this. Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dental bonding. The dental bonding procedure involves composite resin material applied to the affected tooth to improve its appearance. The composite resin material looks similar to your existing tooth-color giving a completely natural look.


Teeth bonding in Houston is one of the best alternatives to dental veneers. The physical structure of your current teeth doesn’t need to alter physically by the dentist. Additionally, this procedure can be completed successfully in a single visit. The name is given so because of the formation of the bond between the composite resin material and teeth.


Requirement for Dental Bonding

There are certain situations in which dental bonding is a must. Some of the common situations include:

  • For repairing the dental decay and cavities with composite resins or dental fillings.
  • For repairing the fractured or cracked teeth.
  • To improve the appearance of your smile from discoloration of teeth.
  • To close the extra gaps present in between the teeth.
  • To change the shape and size of the teeth according to the size and shape of your existing teeth.
  • For protecting the root of the teeth which can be damaged by the gum recession.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Some of the major advantages of dental bonding are:

  1. The cost of dental bonding is much lesser and reasonable as compared to other cosmetic dental procedures such as dental crowns and dental veneers.
  2. The dental bonding procedure can be completed within a single visit.
  3. You can bond multiple teeth in a single session without any discomfort.
  4. It is a minimally invasive process. Additionally, the removal of enamel is not required in this process.


Disadvantages of Dental Bonding

Some of the major disadvantages of dental bonding are:

  1. Dental bonding is not stain-resistant. The composite resin will get discolored with time.
  2. The material used for dental bonding is not strong, sturdy and durable. The dental bonding can get fractured.

Maintenance of Dental Bonding

Since the dental bonding is not strong, sturdy and durable as that of actual teeth, hence you need to take special care to prevent it from damaging. Here are some points that you can consider for the maintenance:

  • Don’t bite any hard substance such as nails; chew ice, etc. as it can crack the bonding.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, etc. for at least 48 hours after the successful completion of the procedure to prevent it from getting stains.

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