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Dell computers are available in best price for all users. It has quality features and long battery life. Although Dell computers have customer supportive features but sometimes due to technical fault its shows issues. To solve technical error related to Dell computer Dell has tech support team to help their customers through Dell technical support numberThe tech support team of Dell provides its service every time. If your Dell computer refuses to boot to Windows 10 then you can follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1. Verify your computer finishes initial power-up (POST)

To verify the computer for finishes initial power-up check for when you on the power of the computer and Dell logo screen with a bar at bottom shows, the bar fills up completely and get disappears. If it happens successfully then your computer has successfully completed POST.

Step 2. To hard reset unplug all external devices from computer

It might possible that hardware interfering with the process of the boot of Windows 10. To fix booting issues unplug all devices from Dell Computers.

1.    USB storage

2.    Printers

3.    Media card readers

4.    Scanners

5.    CDs, DVDs

6.    Video recorders

Don’t remove mouse, keyboard, and monitor from your desktop. Now restart the Dell computer.

Step 3. Restart the Windows 10

Damaged system files might a reason for not boot of windows, so to fix it restart Windows 10 by following the steps given here.

1.    Select Troubleshoot from options screen.

2.    During reset, the computer screen clicks to keep my files.

3.    If prompt asked then enter your user account and password.

4.    Click to reset.

5.    Windows will start the reset process. 

Step 4. Reset default values of BIOS

Reset the BIOS may fix the issue of booting to windows. Follow the instruction given below.

1.    Restart your Dell computer.

2.    During restart tap F2 repeatedly until entering setup appear in the right corner of the screen.

3.    Press key to load default setting which is listed at the bottom of the screen. 

If still, Your Dell computer shows the issue to boot Windows 10 then you can take help of technical support team through dial Dell Customer support number anytime. The service of tech support is 24 × 7 available for all users.

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