Dedicated Servers: Dedicatedly Making Your Website User Friendly

Dedicated Servers: Dedicatedly Making Your Website User Friendly

Digitizationrnhas led brands to shift from conventional to online revenue generation. Moreover, the increased demand for online shopping bringsrnbetter brand recognition and revenue. But all this works if yourrnwebsite gives the best user experience.

Ifrnthe said reports are believed to be true, the patience of users has reduced to 3 seconds. This means that a website only has 3 seconds tornprocess all the data it has for the user. If more than the said time, it is possible that the brand will lose a potential customer.

Slow websites are extremely harmful in today’s day and age, as customers are getting impatient. Moreover, applications are much faster and allow better usability. So, how does a website survive in such arncompetitive situation? Well, according to the latest studies, the loading time of websites have a lot of impact on its traffic generation. The faster your website, the better chances of convertingrnusers into buyers.

The ideal loading time for websites as suggested earlier has to be belowrn3 seconds. The limit to websites lethargy should be anything less then 10 seconds, beyond that websites will start losing rankings,rnreputation, and revenue altogether.

So, how does one keep their website sales growing? :

Get Faster Server Dedicated Server:

Your IT infrastructure plays a prominent role in making your websiternuser-friendly, including speed. The architecture, domain, database and the server components are key players. Choosing the right webrnhosting could literally make or break your website. One could either go for dedicated or shared hosting services. If yours is a smallrnwebsite, shared hosting might just do the trick. But, if your website is big a more powerful dedicated hosting is the best option to host.

Businesses tend to choose dedicated hosting and rightly so, it provides morernpower and better speed. Remember, cheap hosting plans will only hamper your website’s performance. Shared hosting is not preferredrnit does not offer outstanding speed and reliability.

Benefits of high-spec dedicated servers:

Faster loading time: A faster serer will drastically reducernthe loading time of your website. Dedicated hosting has a reliablerninfrastructure and bandwidth compared to other hosting services. A dedicated server is also the one that is reserved for one specificrnbrand. So, the entire bandwidth and resources are used for onernparticular website. 

Security: On a dedicated server, you are the only one hosting all the data andrnconsuming the resources. Since your resources are not shared with any other business it is much safer and reliable. Most hackers break intornwebsites that are hosted on shared hosting and are poorly coded.

More traffic handling capability: For good reasons, ifrnthere is a sudden spike in your website traffic, a dedicated serverrnis the best option to tackle the load without going down. Along with with the optimized code, a faster-dedicated server makes things smootherrnfor you and your users. 

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