Cuba-A Vibrant And Enthralling Destination

Cuba-A Vibrant And Enthralling Destination

Do you know that Cuban cuisine is a blend of Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisines?  Because of colonization by Spaniards and interaction with the enslaved Africans, the blend is not only in food but also in the cultural practices and the tourist places. Cuba is a Caribbean island with a vast coastline of 5000km. It is a lively and vibrant place where you can totally enjoy by taking time off from your daily monotonous schedule.


White sand beaches and the corals in the sea make this dazzling beach irresistible. You can lie down and enjoy the enchanting beautiful surrounding or you can listen to music while getting a sunbath on this mesmerizing beach. You can book stay in any of the luxurious hotels around. United Airlines can help you in getting a good deal. You can book tickets from united airlines and they will provide you with itinerary and good discounts on flight tickets as well as on hotel packages.


Havana is the capital of Cuba. In historical times, this place became the gateway for people to enter Cuba and now also, this place captures the fascination of the tourists. This place has museums, UNESCO heritage sites, beaches, important administrative building and many old historical structures with their distinct architecture. This place is a package in itself. For instance, Old Havana has the neoclassical and baroque style of architecture in its buildings. Hemmingway had lived in this place for 21 years and this place won't disappoint you too if you decide to delve into its history, beauty, and culture. Trinidad is one other place like this where you can go shopping and explore the architecture around.

Small towns

If you want to interact with native people, want to go to a less crowded place then Cuban towns should be part of your sojourn. You can do a lot of things at these places. For Instance, in Vinales, you can go for hiking through tobacco fields. Cienfuegos is another town where you can enjoy strolling and interacting with the people around you. If you could strike a bond with any native then it could make your trip more meaningful. You might get a chance to taste authentic Cuban food in their house or you might get to know some unusual facts about the place and their traditions.

Offbeat Things

Go for a stroll in the market and jam with musicians around. The people who drink and smoke should try Cuban cigars and beer. Try traditional dishes like ropa vieja, tostones, etc. Learn a dance form basics, talk to native people and learn about traditions and cultural practices in Cuba.

Such a touristy place should be not given a miss. Reserve your flight tickets on United Airlines. If you book your tickets early, you can grab a really good package. So, get ready to sojourn in this beautiful and energetic country. You will get plenty of good experiences and it will be no less than a fun ride.

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