Common Types of Metals Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Common Types of Metals Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

When you think of sheet metal, you may only consider aluminum and stainless steel, as these are very common for a variety of purposes. But you can create sheet metal from a number of other materials depending on the application.

Let's take a closer look at the most common types of metal used for sheet metal fabrication, and what they might be used for... 


Aluminum sheet has many uses that spans from the transportation industry to the Architectural industry.

Architectural and Signage industries are inclining more and more towards aluminum as now it comes in various coating of colours and textures.
This metal is ideal for interior and exterior architectural products as it is lightweight and flexible. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is high in demand due to its resistance to corrosion. It is a popular choice in the food industry. Starting from appliance covers to food production utensils it is also used to make cutlery and utensils. Due to its resistance to corrosion strong chemicals can be used to clean the products to kill bacterial. Due to this hygienic and easy cleaning properties, it is also a popular metal used in medical devices.


Copper is often used in structural engineering as well as the vehicle manufacturing. However, Copper is mostly used for piping and electrical wiring. The reason is due to its quality to conduct heat and electricity well. 


This alloy of copper is also resistant to corrosion, and is often used decoratively because of its similarity to gold. Sheet metal companies can fabricate brass sheet for a variety of applications including heat exchangers, building uses, plumbing, and much more. 


This is more than just a commodity. Gold offers high conductivity and can be used to create components in electronics. Gold has also been used extensively in the aerospace industry to reflect radiation and provide structural strength to space vehicles. 

A Use For Almost Every Industry

Depending on the industry, sheet metal companies can fabricate any sheet metal for a variety of components ranging from the HVAC industry to the transportation industry. Thanks to advanced fabrication techniques including fibre laser cutting, and the weldability of the most popular sheet metal materials, you can get the end product you need through sheet metal fabrication in Toronto. 

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