CNC Tool carts with Lockable drawers and Peg board

CNC Tool carts with Lockable drawers and Peg board

CNC Tool carts are designed especially in order to efficiently store your machine tools. Varieties of choices for a tool cart are needed for an organization according to the kinds of machines they were handling in their industrial area. Hence the market is available with different features carts for CNC, CAPTO and HSK tooling. Uratech is one such manufacturer, who majorly focus on industrial requirement and design their tool carts accordingly? One of those tools they tailored in their manufacturing unit is the CNC Tool cart with Lockable drawers and Peg board.

Uratech actually manufacturers many varieties of tool carts, they have really 6 types of CNC tool carts. Every cart has its own uniqueness and advantage, mainly fast moving in the market. In this blog we are particularly going to speak about one CNC Tool cart  that comes with Lockable drawers and Peg board. Due to its uniqueness it is the most wanted product in the industry. The cart is made of Cold rolled steel with a thickness of about 16 gauge, the cart is powder coated inorder to prevent the cart from easy rusting when it is exposed in the extreme industrial conditions. Durable Red nylon was used as inserts to protect Holder tapers due to its physical and chemical properties and which has high capability for thermal resistance. Cart comes with black anodized aluminum handles in order to handle the cart.2 support trays in the front and bottom of the cart is provided in order to store consumable.

Heavy duty smooth rolling industrial castors which can withhold up to 1200 lbs, the cart has 4 castors in that 2 were rigid and the other 2 has swivels (wheels with breaks), which drives the cart and controls its movement in the industrial floor .In order to cop up with the toughest industrial floor these castors were designed heavily to withstand and bear huge load and capacity, since it was one of the main reason for the carts lifetime.

How it is different from other CNC Tool Carts

 Normally Uratech is very peculiar in selecting up the raw material and each product with its uniqueness and has high capability to withdraw its features and can be utilized for a longer run. It has peg boards with hooks and plastic bins for hanging tools and for placing nuts and bolts securely in plastic bin.3 drawers with ball bearing slides and lockable options to secure the valuable(Keyed internal lock system). The slides length is about 16 inches. The 3 cabinets of dimensions 26.5”*12”(wide)*12”(height, each drawers can hold 75lb.

CNC Tool cart with Lockable drawers and peg board has parts cabinet which has 9 drawers and dividers, these dividers were adjustable one and these CNC Tool cabinets  are of dimensions 18.000” long  x 12.000” wide x 11.000” ( Height ) and the cabinet drawer size is 11.250” long  x 5.000” x 3.000”

Why it is the most needed

 Due its longer run it is the most needed product in the market. More particularly it has that storage unit, which is capable of storing the entire essential in the work area safely. This avoids a lot of mess in the work area .Employees can store expensive tools safely and other measuring instruments like scale,tapes,calculators,vernier caliper, screws, bolts and etc. Both the machine tools and the essentials all are available in the same, and then a whole lot of effort in safeguarding these things will be very simple in a single cart. More preferably these carts were movable one; they can be easily transported from one place to another according to the convenience of work. Our carts gives a safe, comfort and easily transportable space for all the tools and essentials in one single common cart, that’s why it is the most needed one in the industry. It is highly beneficial to buy this cart as it composes of the whole lot feature and very cost effective too. The total weight of the cart is about 150lbs and the art dimension is 20”*40”*38”(height from the ground)


 Choosing wisely according to your requirement, can save lot of your investment. Not only investment it further increases your production level. Never miss a cart like ours, which has many unique features and has lots of options available in a single, actually a greatest friend for both your employers and machines.

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