Certified Resume Writer Services to Help Job Seekers Find Right Employment

Certified Resume Writer Services to Help Job Seekers Find Right Employment

Have you been looking for the best way in which to get your foot in the door of your company of choice? Maybe your goals seem lofty, but you have your eyes set on advancing in your career and wish to settle on nothing but the best when it comes to your preferred job change. Many hardworking individuals have written their best resumes and maintained their professional social media accounts and scheduled meeting after meeting to improve their networking, yet the jobs of choice still seem to slip through the cracks. Thus, hiring a professional yet certified resume writer servicecould be the solution to crack down one of those interviews slipping from your grip.  

At Hea-Employment, we can understand the depth of frustration that comes from effort without reward. We have seen many applicants come to us who have been spinning their wheels and dishing out their best efforts for weeks and months at a time in pursuit of a new and better job, yet they have seen zero results. We empathize with such seemingly hopeless struggles more than ever now! It is our goal to see each of our applicants succeed in improving their job search efforts and to stand strong as a potential candidate for top-tier job preferences.

What Are the Top Resume Writing Mistakes Costing You the Job?
What’s your biggest struggle or challenge when it comes to writing your resume? The number one response to this question is mistaken. Candidates get worried when found mistakes in their resumes. Many of them don’t feel shy to share exactly what types of mistakes a candidate make. Spelling, grammar, wording, content, length, format, design, and keywords are some of the most frequently mentioned mistakes that candidates often make.

Check Out the Top-5 Resume Writing Mistakes

No #1: Resumes with Outdated Objectives Using an objective on a resume is a practice from more than a decade ago. Objective statements are typically broad, sweeping statements that only tell the employer what you want. The market has changed dramatically and employers aren’t as concerned about what you want at least during the initial resume review that concern comes later during the interview process. What they want to see on your resume is a great snapshot of your wins and successes, a specific job title, related keywords and dollars, percentages, and numbers.

No #2 A Summary that is a Generalized Overview of Your Career History It used to be that you could create a career summary that was a broad overview of your 10-20 year career. However, that’s all changed now. What employers want and need to see are industry-specific keywords, the most noteworthy accomplishments of your career and your personal brand.

No #3 Keyword Issues It’s smart to create a bulleted keyword section near the top of your resume. Bullets make it easier for the eye to scan information and keywords are usually short which makes them easy to scan too. Make sure that you are including only the keywords related to the position. If you need help determining which keywords are best, scan job postings, check out recommended skills on professional social media channels or review position descriptions on websites.

No #4 Use of Passive Language Writing resumes in passive voice reduces the impact of your words and accomplishments. You want to show yourself taking action so be sure to use active verbs when writing your resume’s bullet points.

No #5 Too Broad of a Focus There is no one-size-fits-all resume. You can create and use one but even in a great job market, your results will be fruitless. Don’t create one resume to apply to multiple types of industries or positions. Do customize your resume for each type of position or industry to which you’ll be applying. Customize your resume by doing the following:

·         Use the exact position title at the top of your resume

·         Underneath the position title include the top three keywords relevant and critical to the role

·         Choose accomplishments that are vital to the success of the position, industry, and company

·         Put the most relevant bullet points first and those of lesser importance further down in the work history section of your resume

·         Include any education, credentials or certifications that are required for the position near the top of the resume.

·         Repeat these customizations for each different type of position, industry or company you apply to.

How Can A Certified Resume Writer Service Help Job Seekers?

A certified resume writer service provider like Hea-Employment will employ experts to review your resume and identify several issues that are common to most job seekers. When we audit your resume at Hea-Employment, we will look for those common areas and pinpoint them along with suggestions for improving on those areas.

Our certified resume writing service includes everything a candidate needs to find the perfect job! Let us help you create a certified resume that ensures you are the person companies want to hire!

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