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Capsules Manufacturing Range – Pacific India Pharma is the trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry that is emerging as the best Pharmaceutical Capsules Manufacturing Company in India. Established at Baddi, Nalagarh (H.P), we have made a remarkable place in Capsules Manufacturing Range and by providing innovative, effective, and affordable rates of these medicines for better health care. We manufacture a wide range of medicines that covers tablets, capsule, injectables, and liquids. These medicines cover different segments like of anti-diabetics, antibiotics, painkiller, a proton-pump inhibitor, antacids, antiemetic, dietary supplement, gastroprokinetic agent, and galactagogue multivitamins, etc.

Pacific India is GMP, GLP AND ISO 9001-2015 Certified company. We are the best company for Capsules Manufacturing Range and is also a supplier of a variety of pharmaceutical medicines. All these medicines are DCGI approved. You can get genuine capsules drug formulations covering markets like cardiology, orthopedic, anti-diabetic medicines, nutraceuticals, gynecology, dermatology medicines, etc. We are the best pharma company that offers fine quality drug solutions.

Pacific India Pharma is best known for the best medicine manufacturing facility. We are serving the topmost pharma companies through our manufacturing services. To know more about our manufacturing services, call us at +91- 9728712333 or you can mail us at

Find Our Capsule Composition Range

  •   Amoxicillin 250mg and Dicloxacillin 250mg Capsules
  •   Amoxycillin Capsules IP 250mg
  •   Amoxycillin Capsules IP 500mg
  •   Carbonyl Iron 100mg + Methylcobalamin 500mcg + Folic Acid 5mg + Vitamin C 75mg + Vitamin B6 10mg Capsules
  •   Esomeprazole 20mg (E.C.) & Domperidone 30mg SR Capsules
  •   Esomeprazole 40mg (E.C.) & Domperidone 30mg SR Capsules
  •   Esomeprazole 40mg (E.C.) & Itopride 150mg SR Capsules
  •   Itraconazole Capsules 100mg
  •   Itraconazole Capsules 200mg
  • Methyl cobalamin 1500mcg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg, Thiamine Mononitrate 10mg, Folic Acid 1.5mg & Vit-B6 3mg Capsules
  • Methylcobalamin 1500mcg, Alpha lipoic Acid 20mcg, Biotin 300mcg, Pyridoxine Hc 3mgl & Folic Acid 1.5mg Capsules
  • Omeprazole 20mg and Domperidone 10mg Capsules IP
  • Omeprazole Capsules IP 20mg
  • Pantoprazole 40mg gastro-resistant & Domperidone 30mg prolonged release Capsules IP
  • Pregabalin 75mg with Methylcobalamin 500mcg Capsules IP
  • Pregabalin 75mg with Methylcobalamin 750mcg Capsules IP
  • Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg (E.C.) & Domperidone 30mg SR Capsules
  • Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg (E.C.) & Levosulpride 75mg SR Capsules
  • Rabeprazole (EC) 20mg and Aceclofenac (SR) 200mg Capsules
  • Rabeprazole 10mg (E.C.) and Aceclofenac 200mg (SR) Capsules
  • Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg (E.C.) & Itopride Hydrochloride 150mg SR Capsules

Quality Measurement for Capsule Manufacturing at Pacific India

Quality describes the efficacy and safety of any drug solution and is a mandatory feature for all the pharma products. Pacific India is known for the quality production of medicines. A special team of experts has been organized here to check the quality content of the drug solution. Our company constantly bring some innovative strategies to meet the different needs of clients. Some of the good quality measurements that our company follows are as follows:

  The capsule manufacturing faces many tests for size, weight, shape, and leakages. We provide a moderate and monitored temperature and environment for capsules manufacturing.

    Latest technology along with the analytical instruments have been used to manufacture the quality medicines

   Packaging facility for bottles and blisters packing has been used with good modules.

   Quality control department verifies all the necessary tests to measure the content of medicines. 

Customize Range of capsules

We are dedicated to formulating new drug solution for the better result in healthcare. Pharma capsule can be used in various forms like soft gels, hard-shell capsules, caplets, empty gelatin capsule, etc. Our company ensures that high-quality material, active ingredients, and extracts that are used in making quality medicines. These capsules are presented as the multiple drug solution that covers

  •   Ophthalmic Ointment
  •   Dietary Supplements
  •   Multivitamins
  •  Inhalant Capsules
  • Ayurvedic products
  •  A fish oil product, etc.

These medicines cover antibiotics, analgesics, antacids, cardiovascular medicines, anti-diabetics etc. Pacific India Pharma aims at meeting frequent demands by bringing you a wide choice in capsule manufacturing. Our company ensures that high-quality material and extracts will be used in the making following the global standards of manufacturing.

Highly Recommended Drug Range at Pacific India Pharma

We manufacture a wide range of capsules that are used to cure different diseases. These are available in hard and soft gelatin as well as in caplets and in all sizes and colors. The company is continuously bringing excellence and reliability in its services.  Some of the highly recommended capsules are


   Alpha Lipoic Acid

   Thiamine Mononitrate

   Pyridoxine Hc


   Carbonyl Iron



•   Domperidone


    Itopride Hydrochloride

   Folic Acid 5


 Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 etc.

ChoosePacific India Pharma – Leading Pharmaceutical Capsules Manufacturing Company

Pacific India has become a reliable name in the pharma industry for manufacturing quality tablets and capsules. We are inclined to setting up the new standards in pharma manufacturing and improving the healthcare sector through our services. We are dedicated for the better healthcare of general masses with our qualitative and effective medicinal services. Our company adhere to global standards like ISO, CGMP, DCGI and WHO for manufacturing quality products.

The company has a large-scale manufacturing unit as well as it is equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacturing and packaging process. So, we are efficient in providing heavy market demand on time. The manufacturing units have been established in taxation free zone. So, tax concessions can be enjoyed by our associates. As well as we provide affordable and reasonable rates on the bulk demands.

To know more about our manufacturing services, contact us at the information given below.

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