We know that when you’re buying new equipment for your gym you want the best.  Investing in top quality equipment ensures your clients get a great experience and it also gives you peace of mind.  When you buy your equipment straight from the manufacturers you know that it’s all been quality tested for reliability and safety.  Using second hand gym equipment can seem like a bad idea.  We talk to a lot of people who assume that second hand equipment must automatically be an inferior brand.  After all, why would you pay out for top of the line kit and then get rid of it?  You might be surprised.  We offer a wide range of topic quality gym equipment and it’s all second hand.  Here’s how it works.


What brand names automatically come to mind when you’re thinking about gym equipment? Don’t worry, it’s not one of those annoying consumer surveys.  We’re guessing that if you’ve ever set foot in a gym Life FitnessYork and Precorare all familiar names.  All of these brands have built an impressive reputation because they offer top quality, reliable equipment.  Their track record speaks for itself.

Buying brand new equipment from any of these companies will make a serious dent in your budget.  You might think that you won’t be able to buy these brands second hand but we offer all of these and more.  We refurbish and quality check everything from medicine ball sets to weight benches and treadmills and offer them to you at a fraction of the original cost.

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You’re probably wondering what the catch is.  Perhaps the big name equipment we sell has broken down or maybe there’s been a safety issue.  Either that or it’s end of the line stock.  You invest in second hand equipment and find yourself with an ancient model that will be obsolete before long.

In fact, most of the equipment we sell is only one or two years old.  Big name companies with gyms across the country have a lot of bargaining power when it comes to negotiating on costs.  Most of them will also replace their equipment after a year or two.  It’s often a key selling point, along with the fact that their equipment is all from big name brands.  The equipment itself is still current and generally in great condition.  That means that you can benefit from top quality gym equipment at much lower prices.

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Warranty schemes often have a big part to play in the second hand market.  Manufacturers will often offer a one or two year warranty on equipment, unless you’re prepared to pay to extend it.  If anything goes wrong gyms can ask for a replacement or repair.  Beyond that they have to bear the cost of repairs and arrange for their own maintenance.  Instead, they sell on their second hand gym equipment and buy new.

If you’re reluctant to buy out of warranty equipment, we’re here to help.  We refurbish and safety check all of our equipment and also offer a warranty on every piece of kit we sell.  That way you have the same peace of mind as you would if you bought new, but with a much lower financial outlay.

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