Buy Fertomid 100 mg

Buy Fertomid 100 mg

Here Is A Quick Cure For Buy Fertomid 100 mg
What is Buy Fertomid 100 MG?
Buy Fertomid 100 MG Tablet is a medicine that has a similar action to the female hormone estrogen. It is used to induce egg production in women who are not able to ovulate due to certain medical conditions.
Fertomid 100 MG Tablet is taken in treatment cycles of five days - this means that you will take one dose daily for five days of the month. For the first course, you are recommended to take one 50 mg tablet daily for five days. Your dose may be increased to two tablets daily on subsequent courses if your doctor thinks this is necessary. Take regular appointments with your doctor to keep your progress on check.
Side effects
Major & minor side effects for Fertomid 100 MG Tablet
Nausea or Vomiting
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Blurred visionSEVERERARE
Difficulty in breathingSEVERE
Severe stomach acheSEVERERARE
When not to use?
Contraindications of Fertomid 100 MG Tablet
Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
Thyroid/Adrenal gland disorder
Endometrial cancer
Liver disease
Missed Dose
Call the doctor for further instructions if you miss a scheduled dose of this medicine.
Contact a doctor immediately if an overdose with this medicine is suspected. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headache, hot flashes etc.

General Instructions
Take Fertomid 100 MG Tablet as instructed by the doctor. Your dose is likely to change over the course of treatment. It is advised to undergo tests that will ensure the safe and effective use of this medicine. Follow all the instructions mentioned on the label or the package insert
Warnings for special population
Use of this medicine is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Any suspicion of a pregnancy should be ruled out before starting the use of this medicine. It is advised to consult your doctor and discuss the benefits and risks before deciding to take this medicine.
Use of this women is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding. If the use of this medicine is absolutely necessary then your doctor may ask to discontinue breastfeeding.
General warnings
Evaluation of hormone levels
It is advised to evaluate the levels of sex hormones and rule out diseases like endometrial cancer, ovarian cysts before starting the treatment with this medicine. It is advised to undergo a regular pelvic examination before and during the course of treatment.
Multiple pregnancies
Use of this medicine may increase the risk of multiple pregnancies. it is advised to discuss the risks associated with the use of this medicine.
Visual disturbances
Use of this medicine has been associated with an impairment of vision in some patients. It is advised to not drive vehicles while using this medicine.
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