Booking Kenya Safari Lodges for Big Five Encounter

If there’s one thing Kenya is better than anywhere else around the world, it’s the wildlife. There are few wildlife experiences that can beat the ultimate thrill of a face-to-face encounter with majestic Big Five.

Traditionally, the animals that pose the greatest danger to their hunters are the Big 5. They are lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. Their collective presence in a national park adds exhilaration to your overall safari experience.

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When you think of safaris to get up-close and personal with Big Five, booking tented safari lodges in Kenya makes perfect sense. The available Kenya tented camps accommodation offers you an opportunity to immerse in the unspoiled beauty of nature and for a memory travel experience.

In fact, luxury and comfort come in different forms. On a Kenya exclusive tented safari, it is all about wild luxury. Take advantage of plush accommodation in the hottest wildlife viewing spots and unforgettable experiences like sunset over the rolling plains. All you need is to choose luxury tented safari in Kenya for the ultimate Kenya experience that you really deserve.


While thinking about experiencing the majestic Big Five during your stay at your Kenya tented camps accommodation, here are a few national parks in Kenya that deserve a visit:


Samburu National Reserve –

Get up close and personal with the Big Five species without driving for hours. In addition to, you will get a beautiful glimpse of elusive zebras or leopards that make Samburu an ideal safari destination. There is a huge availability of activities you can choose from to make the most out of your stay at tented safari lodges. You can take game drives, walks and picnic at the game reserve.

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Masai Mara National Reserve –

A Kenya exclusive tented safari expedition won’t be complete without an adventure to the Masai Mara National Reserve. You will get indulged in the wide open plains, fallen tree trunks across the river and the vast herds of animals wandering aimlessly around the plains.

With thousands of square miles of wildlife, the national reserve is the home to wildebeest migration that takes place every year from July to October. You can get an opportunity to experience spectacular views while getting a glimpse of the Big Five.

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Tsavo National Park –

One of the largest and oldest national parks in Kenya located in the south eastern side, Tsavo National Park has both the eastern and western part separated by a highway. Both of them boast a huge diversity of wild animals including the famous man-eating lions.

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Blessed with spectacular surroundings and picturesque waterfalls, Tsavo appeals a large stream of tourists annually. In addition to, the national parks are the home to the Big Five. With so many activities to choose from like underwater hippo and fish washing, game viewing, you are spoilt for choice.

Bottom Line –

Whatever type of Kenya safari lodges to choose, wherever you go, you are bound to savor your memories that will last you forever. Check out the available selection of Kenya tented safari lodges at Best Camping Tours and Safaris.

Make your choice for Kenya tented camps accommodation to get Big Five encounters.

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