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The Torus Echo is a premium Australian cold-press juicer. It is a revolutionary cold press juicer integrating a unique dual auger system that combines the juicing power of horizontal and vertical cold press juicers. This results in a higher yield and up to 60% more celery juice. A unique quality of the Torus Echo juicer is how easy it is to clean, employing a small final tongue filter with little or no fibrous build-up. The quick clean makes it first choice for everyday use.

What are the benefits of Torus cold press juice?

The benefits of Torus cold-pressed juice include assistance with weight loss, sleep, well-being, detoxification, nutrition, digestion – and more. Here are a few ways juicing can assist in making you slimmer and achieve weight loss goals

  • Cold press juices supercharge your body with nutrients, far more than could be consumed or digested with whole produce.
  • Cold press juices replace fattening fast food to assist with weight loss.
  • Cold press juice gives your digestion a break by relieves your body from the excess hard work of breaking down fiber, thereby freeing extra energy for detoxification and weight loss.
  • Cold press juices are reputed to assist with hormone imbalance, promoting greater equanimity, sound sleep, and improved health.
  • Cold press juices help stabilize your metabolism, necessary for maintaining healthy weight.
  • Cold press juices provide extra energy that in turn assists you in being more active, healthier, and slimmer.


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