Block Machine For Sale

Block Machine For Sale

Our company, which exports  automatic machinesrnfor the production of concrete blocks, equipment for the production of blocksrnand pavers, presents its products to its customers in six stages. Our designrnwork is developed by engineers; Production of mechanical engineering, Hydraulicrnproduction, Electrical and automatic works, Application of primers and paints.rnFinally, the assembly and installation is carried out by our technical supportrnservice in accordance with the requirements of the customer in the area wherernthe machine will be located. Our machines differ in power from other machines.rnFor example, our fully automatic block machines and semi-automatic machines arerndesigned to meet the needs of your business.


Our machine for the production of concrete blocks;rnwith fast, reliable technical support. Conmach quality is ensured byrnprofessional Conmach specialists. Quality is one of the criteria of therncompany. Our machine  design has accelerated thanks to our research,rninnovation, trust, technology, research and development. The goal we havernachieved today shows us that instead of using a manual block machine, the worldrnis moving to semi-automatic block machines.


Our company has a wide range of equipment, machineryrnand machines that can be purchased and received with delivery to you in a shortrntime. Conmach provides technical support services for each product sold inrnaccordance with the requests and requirements of its customers. Ourrnmachine,  that you have purchased,  are guaranteed by our company forrna period of two years.

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