Bio Ayurveda nourishing stress-relieving hair oil

Bio Ayurveda nourishing stress-relieving hair oil

BIOAYURVEDA nourishing stress-relieving hair oil comes with a proper solution that takes less time and gives the best result. Things have changed now because no one has time to take care of their hair and it can cause hair loss, dryness, frizzy hair, etc. It is important to take care of our lives. This unique herbal massage oil refers to a stress-free life and healthy hair. It is an ayurvedic head massage oil that works in the scalp and helps to decrease hair fall.

How to use 

Take a few drops on your palm and massage gently on the scalp.



  • This nourishing treatment stress-relieving oil formulated to moisturize, smoothing, and also reduce hair loss.

  • It helps from breakage and brittleness in hair and makes hair softer and silkier.

  • It repairs damaged hair and provides relief from itchiness.

  • It helps to release stress and prevent hair from split ends.

  • This massage oil helps in regrowth of hair. 

100% Organic 

This nourishing treatment stress-relieving oil contains eighteen organic ingredients like Bhirngraj, Manjishtha, Nagkesar, Mehndi and many more. These ingredients work to control hair damage, reduce dandruff, dryness, itchy scalp and hair fall. 


  • Bhringaraja, a purely natural ingredient that stimulates blood circulation and provides better nourishment. 

  • Manjishtha or red madder is a root type ingredient that increases hair growth and decreases stress.

  • Mehndi has its cooling property that controls dryness and dandruff.

  • Mulethi or licorice prevents from hairline, baldness, and help in regrowth.


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