Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Get latest predction made by different channel?

Betting Predictions says that Chirag Paswan will only compete in the 2020 Bihar parliamentary elections. LJP only competes with JDU candidates. For hanging montages, LJP extends support to BJP to prevent the Nitish Kumar from becoming a Bihar CM again.

By how much votes does Chirag Paswan win on Nitish Kumar?

Everything is happening as expected. Chirag Paswan, which began with an attack on Nitish Kumar, culminated last Sunday after LJP declared that it would only give candidates to JD (U) in the upcoming 2020 Bihar Assembly elections.

This means a silent agreement on another NDA in the Bihar elections. That is, the story plot is ready, and its climax is immediately understandable.

LJP won 2 seats last time, but 2nd place was 36 seats, and 3rd place was two seats. But it's not as simple as it looks. In 2015, the BJP fought with 157 seats, JDU 101 seats, and LJP 42 seats. In the 50-50 scheme with the JDU, the BJP does not compete for half the seats in the Bihar Elections Predictions. It is these seats that are important.

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: BJP-JD (U) announces share sheet today

Experts say the LJP will fight in those seats and gain BJP's "support" as an invisible partner. This total number is an excellent strike rate for 243 members. As a result of the Bihar election, JDU's bargaining power may weaken. In such a scenario, the BJP will have an advantage in forming the Bihar government and will play the game on their terms.

By Bihar Opinion Poll 2020LJP may not win any more seats, but it may be a JDUE spoiler. If LJP couldn't win any more seats, it would only ruin Nitish Kumar's plans, and his recovery would not be easy. LJP wins or loses and brings great joy to Nitish's games. In this case, the BJP is also a clear winner. In the Ramvilas, Paswan was an ally of RJD before these elections. There was a lot of resentment over Lalu Prasad Yadav's 15-year rule.

Currently, 15 years of Nichish domination have been completed. This time, LJP does not want to leave any stones on suspicion of antitrust. Voters who are naturally angry with Nichish are also the ones who see Tejashwi and remember the era of Lal Yadaf's rule. Opponents describe Lal Prasad Yadav's RJD government as an "anti-upper class" and a "symbol of anarchy. If voters do not want to adopt RJD or Nitish, LJP will offer a new option. Experts believe that Nichish upset everyone.

How BJP benefits from LJP by leaving NDA Statistics shows that BJP will benefit more from the JDU-BJP Alliance. If the BJP can get more from the seat-sharing scheme, two scenarios can occur. The benefits of BJP also depend on how by much vote Chirag will get the coming election. Second, if LJP somehow wins more than 30 seats, it undermines Nitish Kumar.

So read Bihar Elections Predictions, get more knowledge whose chances are more to win.


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