Best Ophthalmic Drops Range Available at Eyeris Vision Care

Best Ophthalmic Drops Range Available at Eyeris Vision Care

Best Ophthalmic Drops Range Available at Eyeris Vision Care - Eyeris Vision Care is a manufacturer and supplier of eye products in Pharma Range. The company also provide PCD franchises opportunity to investors/ entrepreneurs. We are the among the fastest-growing company in India, and with the help of our Franchise Partners, our reach is in PAN India. The products we manufacture are trusted among many, and the thing which makes our product special is quality. Our customers stick to our products for a longer time and rarely shift to the product range of any other company. We have the best ophthalmic drops range at Eyeris Vision Care.

Eyeris Vision Care is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified pharma company, brand name in the field of the pharmaceutical industry for its best ophthalmic drops range. We believe in earning customer trust with innovative and effective products. The company took its flight in 2004. It is operated from Zirakpur and Hisar, cities in Punjab and Haryana respectively. Along with PCD pharma franchise, our services also come in as 3rd party manufacturer. Our certified manufacturing units have made sure that the products we deliver do not contain any flaws. To put in another way, we have the best ophthalmic drops range available at Eyeris Vision Care.

Ophthalmic Drops Range

Eyeris Vision Care brings a wide variety of ophthalmic drops. They have different features of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, anti-allergy, NSAIDs, local anesthesia, antifungal, etc. Our company has GMP: WHO certified manufacturing units which produce high-quality ophthalmic medicines. Our ophthalmic drops medicine comprises of the following:

Steroid Eye Drops for Allergies: The steroid reduces inflammation caused because of allergy.

Antihistamine eye drops: Helps in itchy, watery eyes.

Allergy eye drops for Pediatrics:  Effective and safe range of Eye Drops for children to cure allergy. 

Eye drops for red eyes: Cure redness caused by injury, infection, etc.

Eye drops for congestion: The Antibiotic characteristic of the medicine can help you to get rid of congestions

Allergy eye drops for contacts:  Remove debris that may cause irritation and discomfort.

Our excellent brand products range includes Livtears Gel Eye Drops, Brismox eye ointment and drops, Flurokick-T Eye Drops, Retlife Cap, Briscool Eye Drops, Flurokick-T Eye Drops, Justnac Eye Drops, Olokick Eye Drops, Nepalick Eye Drops.

Why our products are best?

For the same kind of disease, a variety of products are available in the market by a variety of companies. But our products have outstanding results in sales. Our company has seen a significant rise since it incorporated. We keep on the eye from the raw ingredients to the manufacturing of products to the delivery of the products. We try to remove defaulted products as soon as possible do that it doesn't reach the market. Some salient features of products are:

1. DCGI approved Ophthalmic Drops
2. GMP:WHO Certified Ophthalmic Manufacturing Facilities
3. FSSAI approved products.
4. Affordable and reasonable rates of the products.
5. Our Ophthalmic Drops are free from any kind of side effects.


Eye is the most important and sensitive part of the body. It's vulnerable to the impurities surrounding it. The strain due to the increasing workload is causing some very common eye diseases. Eyeris Eye Visioncare make sure that under all such factors, you don't lose the healthy eyes and our top-notch products keep them safe for a longer period of time. If you want to associate with us or want to know more about the products. Feel free to call us at +91-9812428796, +91-9034803607 or you can also drop us a mail at

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