Best Non Surgical Weight Loss method

Liposuction is currently the most popular Non Surgical Weight Loss procedure in the world; it is increasing the number of patients seeking to improve their body contour through a surgical intervention. Do you want to know How To Weight Loss then read the below article:

Patients after Best Non Invasive Fat Removal can heal and recover easily in a few weeks because the incision points are relatively small, being able to do sports or sunbathe without worrying too much about the scars. Some patients have reported a significant improvement in cellulite as something additional to the extraction of fat; this can be especially beneficial for those people who have a normal weight but who want to get rid of the unpleasant wells and lose at the same time the few extra kilos. Ideal for fat transfer, this is just the beginning ... the soft and delicate nature of the Body Jet ensures that the viability of the removed fat cells is preserved, which is perfect for transferring fat to another part of the body.


The plastic surgeon must have extensive surgical experience, very precise knowledge of the morphology and body anatomy, in addition to a certain artistic sensitivity, since at the same time to aspirate localized adiposity, you must model the body contour three-dimensionally and it will depend on the surface of the skin is flat and even.

Ultrasonic liposuction: it is done with a special canola that produces ultrasonic energy. As it passes through the treated areas, ultrasound causes the fat cells to explode, liquefying the fat that is then extracted with the traditional technique.

Lip sculpture: the sculpting of fat is used in the manner of a sculpture, emphasizing the artistic qualities of the surgeon that, although they should always exist, are used here for other purposes.

Lipoaspiración Laser: uses the same philosophy of ultrasound (treatment of fat cells by destruction) but in the case of the laser, burning them, to then aspirate the dissolved fat.

How is it done?

Non Invasive Fat Removal is a act therefore it must be performed in the operating room of a clinic and not in offices, which do not have aseptic conditions and minimal equipment.

The plastic surgeon should evaluate the general condition of the patient, the existing fat deposits, the tone and firmness of the skin, if their weight is relatively normal.

If the patient, in addition to having adiposities, suffers from cellulitis, it is important that the surgeon inform him that cellulitis is a fibrous tissue and liposuction can only improve the cellulite appearance, but it does not eliminate it.

The intervention usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, and can be performed with different types of anesthesia:

  1. Local anesthesia: If only small amounts of adipose tissue will be treated in a few places. It removes the sensitivity only to the affected areas.
  2. Epidural anesthesia: It is frequently used during deliveries. It can be a good option in more extensive operations.

3.         General anesthesia: Especially if a large volume of tissue is going to be removed


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