Beautiful Zanzibar Beach Holiday & Breathtaking Islands Are the One to Visit

Beautiful Zanzibar Beach Holiday & Breathtaking Islands Are the One to Visit

You can now explore the jewels of Zanzibar if you are a beach lover. Tanzanian breathtaking islands, beautiful Zanzibar Beach Holiday and archipelago are the ones to visit. With incredible sceneries, and awe-inspiring views, this place is a must to visit. In this blog, you’ll find some beautiful beaches you should see while you’re visiting this incredible place.


Kendwa is situated to Nungwi and is a so called favourite of everyone in Zanzibar. This is a less happening and calm place making it the best relaxing spot for tourists. Taking dips in the turquoise water makes you feel good and enthusiastic. Being here you can catch the shade under a banda, a small shade hut and watch the sunset. With beach volleyballs, footballs and fun games, it will let you enjoy your day making memories.


If you’re interested in kite surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving, Paji is your place. This south east Zanzibar beach serves to be a wonderful spot to visit if you like to interact with tourists and swim in the ocean. With a good choice of bungalows, beach bars, and small restaurants, this spot is a must to go one.

#Ras Nungwi

This beach is special in its unique way and is perfect if you’re looking to swim ithout having to walk far into the sea, chasing the ocean. Ras Nungwi unlike the Eastern and Western coastline is blessed by not having to deal with high and low tide. Known for its likely party atmosphere, this place is incomparable to other beach destinations in the world. Even if it is surrounded by bars and club, the entire atmosphere remains chilled out and low key in the Zanzibari style.

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Apart from the beach news, we have got for you to grasp the thrilling and breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. Being here you can decide your priorities and leave for the much desired climbing venture. Kilimanjaro has much to offer and is simply amusing. It happens to be the highest reward of all the trekker who can reach the top to see the view from the summit. It is possible to watch the planet curvature and you will be lucky enough to reach the summit if you watch out for a clear day.

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