Attributes That Make Up A Good WordPress Theme

Attributes That Make Up A Good WordPress Theme

How you justify that the WordPress themes by professional you are using is the best one to create an online presence for your business? What are the features and functionality that you have checked before going with that particular theme? Whether the theme is included with all the elements? You will get the answer to all these questions at the end of this article.

Let us see what are the WordPress themes attributes that should be considered while creating a website.

Web Hosting, Speed and Performance

You should make sure that the theme should perform well and has a fast page loading speed. You should be aware of a fact that the only theme is not responsible for page loading it depends on the total time required to get a page load. You should check whether the WordPress themes is created by professional and is well optimized with clean code. Also, some plugins are available that will help you to check the speed. Some WordPress hosting providers also provide a pack of plugins that helps to optimize the website. 

Before purchasing any tool or plugin check if the same tool is available for free or not. If it is free then check the speed and performance. 

SEO friendliness

If you are worried about the speed and performance of your website then SEO friendly is the most important factor than should be focused. SEO is a search engine optimization process that focuses more on content and keywords. The theme should be crafted with the latest code so that your website will be easy to crawl. Check if your website has fulfilled the W3C markup validation standards and make sure that it should not generate any warning. 


Every theme should have the ability to perform customization. But it does not mean that everything in WordPress should have a customizable feature. The theme should be customizable means the theme should provide that much accessibility that will make the right amount of chances to give a competitive look and feel. It does not mean that the user should able to change every code of a page. 

Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays there are more mobile users as compare to the desktop users so it makes sense if you create a website with a theme that is mobile friendly. Each theme and a template you choose should be responsive as much as possible so that each section will be visible on every type of mobile phone. 

Browser Compatibility

The other important factor that should be considered is browser compatibility. Not all people use the same browsers, some uses Chrome, some uses Firefox, whereas some uses Opera. Every browser has its own standards resolutions, therefore your website can look perfect on every devices else some content will look bigger, smaller, wider, etc. So it is your duty to make sure your website and a blog must be browser friendly. Should be cross-compatible with browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Explorer, Microsoft, etc. WordPress compatibility plugin is the best tool to test browser compatibility. 

Individual But Natural Appearance

While choosing a theme it is important to check if the theme is perfect to give functionality and a feel that you are looking for. Therefore while choosing a theme make sure you have a perfect requirement in your mind. For example, if you want to place a header at the vertical side but you have chosen a theme that has a header at the horizontal size. Then this design will be difficult to execute hence you need to choose a theme by checking the design and functionality you want. 


If you are going to purchase any theme check the features if they has. SEO friendliness, speed, performance, browser compatibility, mobile friendliness, and intuitiveness all are the major factors that should be considered

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